Sunday, November 28, 2010

Check out the faces of the "Religion of Peace"

I love Michelle Malkin. She's beautiful and articlate and has a lot of good, old fashioned common sense. And she's not as shrill as Ann Coulter. Here's an article from her Hot Air blog (hat tip to Gary for sending it) about the latest terrorist attempt by a Somali teenager in Portland, now named the "Christmas bomber" for trying to set off a car bomb during a Christmas tree lighting event. Fortunately, the "explosives" were provided by federal agents and there was never any danger to the public. Had it been the real thing the consequences would have been devstating. The cell phone call that was supposed to set off the bomb alerted the agents for the arrest.

Michelle uses the story to recap numerous terrorist attempts showing the "broad spectrum" of the population committing them. Funny, they all look to be Middle eastern and Black Muslim men between the ages of about 18 and 50. I don't see any three-year-olds, grannies, nuns in habits, old men with urine bags attached to their legs, kids in leg braces, old ladies with fake hips and knees, etc. (Hello, TSA, are you paying attention?)

Check out the article for yourself and note all the other photos of terrorists and terror suspects.

Of course, not all Muslims are terrorists, but that isn't the only threat from Islam. The non-Muslim citizens of Dearborn, MI are struggling with the growing pressure to let the 1/3 Muslim population govern by Sharia Law. Liberal websites are mocking the idea of "creeping Sharia" but where do they think it starts? And are they blind to what's going on in other parts of the world where governments have actually capitulated to the Islamic demand of separate law courts, i.e. the U.K.? What happens to a culture when there are different laws for different populations? Chaos, perhaps? We are seeing the Balkanization of the United States and few seem to be concerned about it, least of all those who swear to uphold our Constitution and claim to care about the "common good."

Islam is a religion of violence. There's no question about it. The Koran preaches violent overthrow of the infidel who refuses to convert and rules its own, particularly women, by bloody punishment. And all the talk in the world about it being the "religion of peace" won't change the reality. Wake up, America!

Just another bomb-plotting jihadist yelling “Allahu akbar!”
By Michelle Malking


If it’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, it’s just another day in the life of a true believer in violent jihad.

Yes: Violent jihad. Two words the current occupant of the White House won’t say together and about which he remains in stubborn denial.

Violent jihad. A fundamental tenet of legions and legions of Muslims worldwide — and untold numbers of homegrown and immigrant practitioners of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage here on American soil.

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  1. In this video, a former muslim tells us the koran encourages violence:

    Even so, it's not the muslims who are destroying the U.S. It's our own government doing so to establish a new world order which is Communism and this is what Our Lady of Fatima spoke of when she warned about the errors of Russia (Read Fr. Fahey's, The Rulers of Russia. She requested that the Pope and Bishops consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart to stop it! See more at

  2. Mark Steyn was filling in for Rush Limbaugh on November 18 and was talking about the enhanced search techniques and profiling. In light of the Portland Oregon bomber how prophetic his comments were. Here enjoy a clip of it, unfortunately only Media Smatters picked it up, so I apologize for the source: