Saturday, September 24, 2016

Our Liberal Perceptions of Life will be the Cause of our Demise

Our Liberal Perceptions of Life will be the Cause of our Demise

Sent by God - Conception and Ensoulment
Jean Mansel, from a fifteenth-century French manuscript

The following is an excerpt from a few weeks ago in our parish bulletin, written by our Pastor who I’m sure wants to remain anonymous.

“We are living in a very delicate and fragile moment in the history of our humanity and if we don’t take the time and stop a while to understand the true nature of the human person, we are going to make a lot of mistakes. When God creates someone, He knows who He brings into the world. He knows who that person is: this is His child and He cares about him. So, because of the philosophical turmoil in which we are in this day and age, some fail to understand that there is a natural law that goes hand in hand with the reality of the human person.

“To protest against the natural law, what nature has established for us to be, will cause unnumbered psychological and personal consequences to those who choose to follow the world instead of the Lord. This is a world of darkness disguising itself as attributes of the human person because it offers power to man that appears to be without any limit: whatever you want to be today, the world tells you to go for it.

“Those who have not yet reached the gift of spiritual maturity, and who fail to see man within a philosophical scope, will gravitate toward such power without analyzing the consequences. After so many centuries of civilization, there has never been such a defiant attitude toward God than there is in our era today. How many people are so confused that they refuse to understand that life starts at conception and ends with natural death? If someone who claims himself to be intelligent and yet is not open to understand the philosophical nature of our being, we have a big problem. This is natural law: everything in this world has a beginning and it also has an end.

“There cannot be existence that only begins in the middle of a process; it must begin when it starts to exist with all its elements. To say that life begins only after many weeks of existence, as a way to justify abortion, is a philosophical poverty that impedes a person from comprehending things that are simple. To ignore the philosophical component of our being, and to refuse to accept it, is really a sign of not being smart. Therefore if we cannot see it, we should fool ourselves by presenting ourselves as the person we are not.

“A person may say: this is my right to do this or that but the truth remains always unbroken. All of this arrogance and ignorance are at the center of this current dilemma affecting all our institutions and beginning with our faith.”

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