Thursday, January 23, 2020

Radical Muslims Terrified by the Brooklyn Bloods

Bloods of Brooklyn fight back against Muslim bullies.
It's a known fact that bullies pick on those weaker than they are. Many times women and children are victims of people seeking to dominate them for whatever reason bullies think they need to in order to meet their narcissistic control over others. Islam is a point in fact. Their maniacal reign of terror over others via beheadings, rape, and other forms of control are currently well known and have been for over 1400 years.

The one thing bullies understand is strength and might therefore the only thing to make them back down is greater strength and might from someone else. When confronted with a stronger entity, bullies backtrack immediately. Keeping that thought in mind, the following story will bring a warm glow to your heart.

While the bully Nancy Pelosi was busy impeaching President Trump another story of bullying was simultaneously being played out. The Muslims of Brooklyn's radical Fulton Street Taqwa Mosque were getting a shot of their own medicine from the Brooklyn Bloods, a violent African-American street gang known for trafficking guns and drugs who showed the world how to deal with Islam. 

Note that the following story cannot be categorized as racist. The Bloods are African-Americans while the Muslims of the Taqwa Mosque are also African-Americans.

Three articles HERE, HERE and HERE  tell the entire story which I am reiterating.

Chronology of Events

1) December 10th - According to Christian Action News "the conflict between the Brooklyn Bloods and Muslim Community Patrol & Services (MCP&S) erupted December 10th after an MCP&S officer claimed he heard a boy, estimated to be about 16, say something disrespectful to a Muslim woman." (MCP&S is a nonprofit security organization that drew nationwide attention last year after rolling out police-cruiser-like vehicles in New York City with the stated goal of enforcing Sharia law on Muslims and non-Muslims.) 

"The MCP&
S member, after hearing disrespectful words, grabbed the teen by the collar and violently threw him against the gate of the Taqwa Mosque. While the boy was held tightly around the neck and pressed firmly against the fence, the MCP&S member lectured him, then let him go.

"The boy went home to describe the altercation to his father who happens to be an OG Blood - Original Gangster Blood - a senior member of a Bloods chapter.

"A short time later seven Bloods members, at least one of whom was brandishing a weapon, arrived at the mosque to confront the MCP. Additional MCPs arrived in patrol cars, and loud threats were exchanged between the two factions.

MCP imposing Sharia law
on Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
Dude, I’m going to bust in your f—— mouth if you ever put your hands on my child again!

"Fearing for his safety, the MCP&S officer was quickly shoved into the mosque by his comrades in an effort to protect him.

"The ruckus was quickly broken up when an NYPD patrol car arrived and police ordered the rival parties to disperse.

"One member of the Bloods, however, turned to the mosque and told the MCP members, This is not over. It’s just begun.You all are running around here playing like you’re the real police. You all want to put your hands on these little kids. We don’t give a f— about your Masjid. F— your Masjid."

2) December 14th - "A few days later a Muslim man was severely beaten outside the mosque in what was understood to be a retaliatory attack. He was taken to the Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center for treatment. The Bloods picked him because they couldn’t find an MCP officer that night, a source said. And he attended the Masjid, so that was good enough for them."

Now the amusing part of the story begins.

3) December 18th - Following the beating, and suddenly aware that they had stepped over the line with the wrong people, the Taqwa Mosque convened an emergency meeting on the evening of December 18th to try to resolve the conflict. Scrambling and frantically wondering what to do, the meeting was chaired by mosque leaders Ali Karim, Hussein Baki and Imam Abud Muslimah. 

"Some Taqwa members suggested the mosque be closed until the threat was past but that idea was quickly dismissed by Ali Karim, who serves directly under the mosque’s imam, Siraj Wahhaj. We can’t close the Masjid, Karim reportedly stated. You got to arm yourself, so we are going to be armed. We have to protect the Masjid by whatever means necessary. We must be protected.

"As a further precaution against expected Bloods violence, MCP&S officers were instructed to sit in their civilian cars, rather than their police-looking patrol cars, outside area mosques. A source said, There are two reasons for that. First, they don’t want the Bloods targeting them while they sit in a marked MCP car. Second, they’re going to be armed and that’s illegal in New York City. So, if they get caught with a gun inside an MCP car, the city will probably shut those cars down.

"Another problem for MCP&S is that they don’t know exactly which Bloods faction is targeting them. They don’t know who the father of the boy is. So they can’t reach out to him to resolve it. But the Bloods have declared them as food, said the source, explaining that the Bloods consider themselves as dogs and anyone with whom they have a conflict is food
The terrified red-bearded Ali Karim

"However, according to the source, neither MCP&S nor the Taqwa Masjid is afraid of the Bloods, yet two MCP&S’s actions to appease the Bloods were to speedily fire the member who threw the teen against the fence and quickly revise its rules and regulations for policing non-Muslim areas.

"Following the retaliation and the hasty inner-mosque meeting frantically wondering how to save themselves from the Bloods, MCP&S asked for a meeting with the Bloods gang."

Meanwhile came the most humorous statement of this entire debacle: while backtracking, and desperately wondering what to do, Ali Karim reportedly stated at the 
mosque meeting, I'm not worried. The Bloods don’t know who they are dealing with.

However, of course the Bloods knew exactly who and what they were dealing with. They were dealing with Islamic bullies who needed to be taught a lesson. They also understood that in order to teach that lesson they needed to be bigger and badder than the bullies. Being bigger and badder is all that is needed to put bullies in their place, and the Bloods brilliantly demonstrated this. 

4) December 21st - "The sit down was held Dec. 21st, with five MCP&S representatives, led by Ali Karim, meeting with six Bloods members at the home of the father of the teen who was thrown against the fence by the MCP&S member. The Bloods originally demanded that Ali Karim, who serves directly beneath Imam Siraj Wahhaj, turn over the MCP&S member who roughed up the teen, or at least give them his address. Only then, the Bloods stipulated, would violence against the Taqwa Mosque and MCP&S be suspended.

"Karim dismissed that demand and asked for an alternative peace plan that would involve MCP&S agreeing to stop sending their police-cruiser-style patrol vehicles into the Bloods’ neighborhood. Karim also told the Bloods that the MCP&S member who attacked the boy had been fired. 
The Bloods reportedly accepted the counter-offer and promised to keep their hands off Muslims at the Taqwa Mosque."

5) December 26th - "Though the Bloods agreed to Karim’s alternative solution, the plan still needed the approval of Imam Siraj Wahhaj to be finalized, yet when presented with the proposal, Wahhaj, well known for his desire to replace American law with Islamic law, rejected the agreement and told Karim to turn the address of the ex-MCP&S member over to the Bloods. Those close to Imam Wahhaj believe the controversial religious leader rejected the agreement because he does not trust that the Bloods would keep their word and end the violence."

In reality, it's Muslims who, by the direction of the Quran, do not keep promises, therefore assume that everyone else is likewise deceitful. A source said, Wahhaj believes sometimes you have to sacrifice the one to protect the whole. He’s got to protect his mosque members and he’s got to protect his MCP workers. And if that means someone has to go missing-in-action to achieve that peace, he believes that’s the right thing to do.

“An eye for an eye, is how one associate of Siraj Wahhaj characterized the agreement. That MCP worker threw the boy violently against a fence. He then held on to the back of his neck. That was wrong. And he needed to be punished for it. The Quran teaches an eye for an eye for punishment. Nothing more. So that was the agreement. The Bloods could set up a fight to punch him, but that’s it."

6) December 29th - "The fight was set for 9 p.m. on December 29th near the headquarters of the Gates Avenue Bloods gang. The ex-worker was accompanied by eight armed Muslims and was delivered to five armed members of the Bloods at around 10 p.m. In a fight reminiscent of a scene from West Side Story, the Bloods stood on one side of a school playground while Muslims stood on the opposite end. The two combatants were positioned between the factions.

"I’ve never seen a fight like that in all my life, one observer said. They fought for 31 minutes, because that’s the rule of the Bloods, you fight for 31 minutes. I think Ahmed was really scared. But he knew if he started to whale on that Blood guy, the other Blood members would probably have shot him. The Muslim patrol has been disrespected bad. Now they’re going to face problems with the other gangs in Brooklyn who don’t want to see their cars on the streets, a source said."

Amulet in his "friendly" suicide vest?
Meanwhile Marvel Comics becomes a 
propaganda tool of Islam by creating a new superhero, Amulet, a Muslim superhero from Dearborn, Michigan. "For those of you who aren’t aware of this, Dearborn is basically run by Arabs, with Arabic signs occupying stores and billboards." Amulet, who has blue hair, "is considered a fun and magical gentle giant, and last but not least, wears an amulet around his neck in honor of his heritage."

Amulet's name is Fadi Fadlalah. “We tend to associate sharp corners and edges with evil, and rounded designs and circles with good,” Amulet's creator said in a statement to Marvel. “This character is a gentle giant, so I wanted to make sure that even with his size he was shaped like a friend."

So here we have a friendly Muslim character, the exact opposite of reality where Muslim community patrols rough up teenagers. Will Marvel Comics make a Christian, Jewish or Hindu superhero? 

Here's a suggestion: They need to make a Bloods superhero and have him beat up Amulet.


  1. More and more I feel like I live in a comic book story or a penny dreadful. Maybe we're all hooked up to machines in the matrix. Good grief, Reality these days is stranger than fiction.

  2. It goes to prove the fact our society has lost its moral pinnings when small clans in isolated areas think their own street justice is better than what real law and order can give them. Social justice and equality have so deteriorated our values, violence and brutality have risen to fill the gaps. This will only get worse.

  3. After so many maniacal acts posted over the past decades i dug deep, researched just about everything. A quiet priest's simple blog provided me with some understanding. Two facts from his blog are 1:if a commandment is willfully broken one automatically is in mortal sin. 2-therefore the doors of one's being are opened without spiritual protection! to influences of evil. This he stressed is why the Sacraments -bought and paid for by Jesus Christ on the Cross-the Great Gifts-are for each soul Eternal Life or Death. I am so grateful for God's loving patience and mercy.

  4. Dear Mary Ann Hahaha

    Yes, it is crazy out there which is why it is dangerous to go out there. Stay home and keep away from places where large numbers of blacks congregate.

    Go to The Real Mass, Keep the Faith once delivered, and keep a prayerful life focused on Christ and always keep a copy of "The Apostolic Pardon" on your person when you leave your hardened house.

  5. Amateur Brain Surgeon - Your comment is racist. The moral of the post is to keep away from places where large numbers of Muslims congregate...and if one does go into an Islamic neighborhood, it would be good to have a member or two of the Brooklyn Bloods along for protection.

  6. The comment recognizes reality. If reality is racist -- you don't have to like it. But denying the truth, whatever the truth is, is wrong.

  7. ...racists - Catholic racists at that - commenting when this post isn't even about racism. It's about ISLAM. Do you not understand that or is my writing too opaque that no one is able to grasp the point of what I said?

    Therefore for those of you who do not understand:

    1) HOORAY for the Brooklyn Bloods because they showed the world how to deal with Islam.

    2) Islamic bullies will back down immediately when confronted by a stronger entity, who in this case were the Brooklyn Bloods. HOORAY for the Bloods!

    3) Learn this lesson BEFORE Islam becomes the religion of the New World Order.

    4) Stop. being. racist.

  8. The 'racist' signaling 'races' to accuse except for Jews and others they dislike or disagree with--including cartoonists.


    Your comment makes no sense. Are you calling Muslims racist (they are) or are you saying I am racist which I am not? Stop being cryptic. If you have something to say, say it so people understand your point of view. Just to be clear - Muslims are NOT members of any one race. Muslims are Islamic.

    I have no problem with Jews. They are obviously not Islamic. Islam is a RELIGION, NOT a race. One more time - ISLAM is NOT a RACE. ISLAM is a RELIGION. Understand?