Saturday, May 14, 2022

Collective West, How's That Consecration of Russia Going For You?

I - Politics as the Realm of the Devil

In Modernity on Endless Trial, Polish philosopher Leszek Kolakowski (1927-2009) said: 

The state being the outcome of original sin is at best a necessary evil, and politics, to the extent that it incarnates the sheer struggle for power, “is bound, in Christian terms, to be the realm of the devil by definition".

If the struggle for power within the arena of politics is considered, in Christian terms, to be "the realm of the devil", then the struggle for one's existence and basic human rights, the Moral Law, decency and love, is "the realm of Christ". 

Who then is which? Who operates within these two "realms'? And how does a normal person with no power determine which side to cheer for, to be influenced by, to "join"? As a Catholic, one has to ask, "How is that even a question? Isn't it obvious?"

Apparently not. People vote for politicians who provide sacrifices to "the realm of the devil" by butchering unborn children. People vote for politicians who not only pass corruption of innocent school children into law, but who're degenerates themselves therefore obviously members of "the realm of the devil" freely offering up human blood for Lucifer to lap up in his gleeful hatred of humanity.

When people listen to the MSM it isn't difficult to understand why the populace are sanctimoniously onboard the Nazi Ukraine Train, because nothing says "freedom" like Nazism, praising and sieg heiling Zelensky while Western Globalist governments shower him with BILLIONS OF DOLLARS and WEAPONS because nothing says "peace" more than war.

The minds of the people, their inner sanctum, their free will has been freely given over to the MSM and  government exploiters in "the realm of the devil". No one has coerced them. They freely place their minds in front of their TVs tuned into their favorite MSM propaganda programs and with copious amounts of laissez faire let their minds be succumbed with the hysteria of a more dominating will. In doing so, they become card-carrying exploiters themselves.

So it was with the coof; so it is with the visceral hatred of all things Russian - even TREES. The state exploiters tell us we must revere the environment yet we're under obligation to hate a tree planted by Russian author Ivan Turgenev 200 years ago because nothing says "hate-Russia" more than an innocent tree. It isn't the tree's fault it was planted by a Russian but nonetheless we must hate it because that's the latest state propaganda we must abide by.

II - How's that Consecration of Russia going for you?

Since Sr Lucia is no longer here to tell the world whether or not Heaven accepted the latest Consecration, frantically done 100 years after being asked, we have only the results of current events to tell which is "the realm of the devil" or the "realm of Christ" - meaning the side (the West vs Russia) who more adheres to the Moral Law - by who's getting the Consecration blessings out there. Let's add them up! 

United States and the Collective West (EU, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and that country who keeps its citizens as coof prisoners, i.e., Canada):

  • Drag queen shows at Taco Bell for inclusiveness lessons while we eat (because sin is appetizing)
  • Selling baby brains, hearts and organs obtained though mutilating and tearing human babies apart inside their mother's wombs
  • Defining a man as a woman into law because liberals hate life
  • Sodomy as a right because liberals love sin
  • Hatred of their own country and culture because liberals must destroy anything good
  • Stealing (elections, money, life, liberty, etc) because nothing says "democratically elected" more than a planned coup
  • Euthanasia
  • Hatred of God
  • Etc.
No blessings will be forthcoming as long as every action of the Collective West stems from visceral hatred of God.


  • Russia is winning the war in Ukraine despite the MSM's lies trying to fool us
  • Russian citizens love Russia and Russian culture 
  • Abortion is not advertised
  • Record breaking wheat harvest (87 million tons expected) in Russia this year
  • The ruble (according to Bloomberg) currently is the best performing currency in the world, dominating the dollar and euro
  • Cheap gas, oil and food
  • No inflation
  • Christian culture 
  • Russian President has full cognitive function
  • Plenty of baby formula on grocery shelves
  • Russia can take care of the Russian people with the country's own God-given resources
  • Economy is booming
  • Etc.
Russia has blessing after blessing because it's as Christian a country as it gets in 2022, meaning that while Russia isn't perfect, her leaders adhere closer to God's Moral Law than other countries, especially the degenerate sodomitical West.

III - THE DURAN is the only place to get honest unbiased news...

...because who are we to believe? The MSM? When Nancy Pelosi, the Biden crime family, Obama in bed with Soros, Trudeau, Ursula von der Crazy, the terribly creepy Schwab and all the rest of the globalist elites continually sieg heil Zelensky and Ukraine Nazi Train doesn't it tell us that something is wrong?

If you cannot figure it out, I'll be happy to tell you. The above mentioned reprobates are:..

1) ...angry that Russia has it's own culture and now that Russia has thrown off Communism, her leaders want nothing to do with the Communism that the Globalist elites currently want imposed on the world, nor do they want anything to do with Nazism, which the West so wantonly embraces in the Ukraine. 

2) ...globalist elites who want One World Government to enrich themselves and have power over all mankind whereas Russia wants its own independence in order to make her own decisions for the Russian people. 

3) Lastly, since the EU depends on Russian commodities for its existence, the global elites want to defeat Russia in order to get a regime change friendly to the West (hence the "Putin must go!" rants) so the West can plunder Russia's natural resources to steal for their own - but Russia isn't playing that devious game especially after the EU stole hundreds of billions of Russian assets in February from the legal sale of Russian gas and oil to the EU.

Turn off the TV. Go to the Internet. Get THE DURAN's analysis of world news from an intelligent, unbiased, honest, and humble point of view with Alex Christoforou (Nicosia, Cyprus) and Alexander Mercouris (London).


  1. Excellent! I agree with it all. Tune in to Duran for the truth of what's happening now.

  2. This site has quickly become one of my favorites. Kudos to Susan and Mary Ann for the well-written and finely researched posts. You two have a real gift and may God reward you for you efforts here. I am on Russia's side in this matter and pray for her victory soon against the forces of evil trying to destroy her. We know how this all ends...

    Russia will be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (which did NOT happen a few weeks ago) and a period of peace will be granted to the world.

    Before that happens, Russia will be used as an instrument to chastise the world for its sins.

    That's what's starting to happen and I say, let it happen. Why should I or anyone else try to stand in the way of the Will of God? And why should we? We can't go on with all the atheism, abortion, sodomy, trannyism, mutilation of babies for the butchers in big pharma, euthanasia, usury, corruption and state-sponsored terrorism which is what's happening in that region and we, along with our pathetic yes-men in NATO and Kyiv are the bad guys. Freemasonry is the root of all this evil and it MUST be destroyed, no matter how painful it becomes.

    Heaven is our true home my friends; this is the valley of tears. Stay confessed and may God bless you all.

  3. That was excellent. Already shared amongst my Catholic friends.

  4. Great post! I agree with the message, but I'm not sure though if Russians really have low/no inflation. A Russian friend of mine was recently talking to family there and they are worried, especially with oil companies like BP and Shell leaving Russia. They also said that prices on everything had doubled recently, and they are trying to set aside some extra food as budget allows...It's so hard for us to know what's really going on anywhere for real people

  5. One has to be of a certain age to remember when it seemed that the major threats posed by the New Church were crappy music and felt banners.

    Now, the "papacy" is enlisted in the war for sodomy and global genocide. Ever notice that every one of Bergoglio's Junk Science Hoaxes is designed to condemn billions of people to sweltering heat, freezing cold, starvation, the ClotShot, and death by whatever means possible?

    It is self-evident that only a Satanist would set himself the goal of eliminating the Catholic Mass from the face of the Earth.

    It is also self-evident that a hierarchy that has nothing to say about the murder of a million Americans in hospitals (including Catholic hospitals) and another million with a bio-weapon that many bishops have forced on their priests, seminarians, and employees, are hirelings. The number of American bishops who have broken the silence about these murders: ZERO.

  6. Your comparisons are uneven... For example I believe abortions are still chugging along in Russia. Their loudly proclaimed aversion to homosex *may* be a pose. Have you ever heard of anatoly golinsky, the defector who revealed ahead of time that the planned implosion of the Soviet union was going to be a faked death of communism, so that it could be more easily spread internationally. I think Vladimir bukovsky also agreed with that thesis. So, Putin the kgb gets to play a conservative on TV.

    I'm not saying us is not gravely infected with communism, just saying you can't assume the opposite of Russia... They are the masters of deception.

  7. @Anonymous

    I cannot agree more. A "fake" death for communism.

    Holding Russia up as a Catholic country is premature in my view. If you're speaking of the political leadership for sure. Putin is a master poser. Staging photo ops to make himself appear somewhat religious while his personal life goes on as before.

    As for "advertising" abortion in Russia, there's no need. The have a baby political push has zero to do with religion and everything to do with expansionism.

  8. "How's that Consecration of Russia going for you?" Not likely to ever happen. Only a tiny percentage of the world's population know or care about the Five First Saturdays requirement, and only a miniscule number are actually doing them, nearly all being Traditional Catholics is a pretty safe bet.

  9. 1) ??? I never said that Russia is a Catholic country. It is not. It's Russian Orthodox. Everyone knows that.

    2) I never said that there was no abortion in Russia. I said that abortion isn't advertised in Russia as it is in the US where it's idolized by the left.

    3) Never heard of Anatoly Golitsyn but just looked him up on wiki. He defected 50 (FIFTY!) years ago so why would he be considered an authority on anything in Russia today? Believe me, he had no clue that the USSR would break up in 1989.

    4) I don't care about Putin's private life. Remember that God chose King David even after David's adultery with Bathsheba and the indirect murder of her husband.

    5) Have any of you seen the quality of the leaders in Russia today? Lavrov, Shoigu, Medvedev etc? These are MEN. Raised in love of Mother Russia, Russian culture, Russian Orthodoxy, not an effeminate bone in their body. And the women - Elvira Nabiullina - Chairwoman of the Bank of Russia, for one.. wife, mother and the 53rd most powerful woman in the world. She advises Putin and others on Russia's economic policies. Not a leftist feminist, not a lesbian but a full-blooded highly intelligent WOMAN.

    These Russian people can run rings around the buffoons, sodomites and lesbians running America. Why? Because they're not leftist ideologues. They see life through a lens of REALITY therefore can solve problems and run their country extremely well without the help of corrupt Western leftist ideologues. Look at the mess the EU is in from practically every country being run by feminist leftist WOMEN.

    1. Susan, You will need to read his book to the West called "New Lies for Old". His book was on Soviet disinformation: birth, history, use and shifts from major events that the West misinterpreted. His final proof set was a list of future events that would occur and how the West was being positioned to respond to those future events. I laughed out loud in 1988 when I read that next to closing chapter. His predictions were "impossible" especially since he sequenced them.

      In 1991 I rebought the book. His events occurred. A man named Mikhail Gorbachev would be presented as a moderate and be provided the premier slot, Poland would have its freedom expanded due help from its workers Union, the Belkin Wall would fall, Germany would reunite. The Wasaw Pact would crumble, the Soviet Union would appear to collapse overnight without major war or blood shed. The West would celebrate the end of communism but actually would end up embracing it through its global institutions, The West would drop its capitalistic ways and adopt Socialism not that the Soviet Union was gone. The EU would be born to separate itself from American influence and adopt many "former" communists as political leaders. The U.S would eventually follow Europe's lead to adopt a far more socialistic order. The only item he got wrong was the eventual dissolution of NATO by Europe to start their own European Army. ( They tried but were unsuccessful). The West would provide Billions to Russia and Wasaw Pact countries right away as aid and thus let communism thrive under the covers.

      The man certainly knew the future because it had been planned. The Soviet Union was planned to dissolve ( because the communists recognized it was not financially sustainable. It was never about the USSR being a superpower to them, it was about global communism weather the USSR survived or not.

  10. 6) The Consecration was done in 1984 by JPII. Sr Lucia said that Heaven had accepted it. The proof? Communist USSR fell in 1989 without one drop of blood being shed. To me - a child of the Cold War where we had to crawl under our school desks during frequent air raid drills and where I couldn't sleep at night for fear "of the Russians coming to get us" - it was a miracle that the USSR fell without bloodshed.

    But cry and wring your hands, shout at me through your computer. Whatever. The only reason people say that the Consecration wasn't done is because they didn't like Lucia saying that it had been done since overnight Russia didn't become....what? decadent and depraved as America? Catholic? Who in their right mind would leave all the beauty of Russian Orthodox churches to sit in a church such as say...St Mary Of Rockledge in Rockledge, Florida? Here it is:
    Or Our Lady of Angels in Los Angeles? For the Novus Ordo Mass?

    You'll say that not all Catholic Churches are like that. No. BUT the Catholic Church DOES include those buildings as part of the Catholic religion. I bet (let's bet in rubles, since rubles are more likely to hold their value than the dollar or the euro now) that NO Russian Orthodox church building is ugly like far too many Catholic Churches.

    Therefore, why would anyone expect Russia - overnight - to become Latin Rite NO Catholic? That's just insane thinking. Maybe one day, once the Catholic Church gets rid of the sodomites and lesbians and all the sodo sex trash, gets a new ORTHODOX pope, has beautiful churches, statues and ICONS...maybe then the Russian and Greek Orthodox churches will come under some sort of part of the Catholic Church.

    The Blessed Mother said (later to Lucia?) that the Consecration would be late therefore the results would not be all golden balloons and lollipops where all of Russia would instantly become Catholic. However you have to admit that the 1989 dissolution of the USSR was rather spectacular.

    7) Nabiullina said that there would be some inflation in Russia but that it would soon come under control and the economy would be more or less back to what it had been before this whole Nazi Ukraine Train THING.

    8) And yes, Francis, being an old hardened Marxist racist wants as many people to die as possible as long as the people being slaughtered are "the right kind". White.

    And, yes, he hates God. He hates Christ, the proof being the eradication of the Latin Mass.

  11. There is one problem that needs to be addressed. And it is that Russia has played along with the Covid-Hoax and the masking and forced vaccination and tracking programs and is still dedicated to it. Even with all the sanctions, Russia's partnerships with global pharmaceutical companies were never cut. It is one of the leading nations pushing their Sputnik V concoction. This needs to be factored in and explained, least we exchange one tyranny for another.

    I recommend this website for the other half of that story:

    1. Or did they merely give lip service? Russia made their own traditional vax for their own people, they didn't take the Pfizer/Moderna poison. They are now systematically destroying the US-controlled biowarfare labs in Ukraine that have since been linked to Wuhan. And Putin -- at the very WEF speech that supposedly puts him in bed with the globalists -- basically said that the globalism grift was up and that Russia was no longer going to play ball.

  12. Portly Comrade BobMay 15, 2022 at 2:00 AM

    Didn't know we was hating on TREES now, just cuz they Russian.

    Maybe the hatred was directed toward Ivan Tugenev. His 1862 novel, Fathers and Sons
    criticized "nihilism," the philosophical precursor of communism. His novel prompted
    a "response novel" the following year by a "pro-nihilist" author whose long russian
    name I'm too lazy to type. The title was/is ""What is to Be Done?" The proto-commies loved it.

    V.I. Lenin loved it so much, he entitled his widely circulated revolutionary pamphlet
    of 1901/1902 "What is to Be Done." The rest, as they say, is history. Except folks still read Turgenev, tree(s) notwithstanding.

  13. The country with the highest abortion rate in Europe is Russia. The country that has the most identified atheists is Russia.

    Vlad Putin still keeps Lenin on ice, and in 2018 said communism was "Christian". He uses the Russian Orthodox Church to spy on his people and he persecutes Catholics.

    All that said, he is right in this Ukraine war. His response is rational.

    To say that they're "closer to Christ" and therefore must have been consecrated properly is asinine. And almost blasphemous.

  14. Well said Andrew Dunn. I agree with all you say. We should all pray for Putin every day. He appears to be God's instrument to bring back the world back to reality from the devil's dream we now experience.

  15. I fervently wish it were true that Putin were some kind of savior, but I fear that reality dictates otherwise. He invaded Ukraine, his troops are killing innocent Ukrainians, not to mention destroying vast swaths of Ukrainian infrastructure. His goal is not to liberate Ukraine from its decadent descent into western "civilization," despite his public proclamations of such, but rather to create a buffer zone against Russia's eastern border. Therefore, he doesn't care that he has rendered the area in question a burned-out, smoking hulk of a country; that suits his needs better than what appertained previous to his invasion. There are NO heroes in this disaster, only victims. The Prince of This World is directing every so-called "leader" involved, including those currently installed in the Biden cabal. One must realistically appraise the situation; it is a tragedy of the first magnitude. It may also be among those "wars and rumors of war" about which Our Lord spoke when asked about the end of days and His triumphant return. But remember, that is not the end; many things must yet transpire, none of which are pleasant to contemplate. But He also promised to bless with salvation those who persevere to the end. Let us persevere and await our salvation without relying on any earthly leader and with no delusions of who rules here pending The Lord's return.

  16. To Susan M.

    You are wrong. The Consecration has NOT been done.
    Your well-worn proof, the the iron Curtain fell is not conversion.
    Conversion is a spiritual thing - not mere political change.

    For example, in 1994 Russia legalised homosexuality - before then, it was illegal.
    Abortion numbers in Russia - right up to now in 2022, remain very high.

    So your 'proof' does not work. The Consecration is not done and the Vatican is lying that JPII did it properly.

  17. Congratulations on a brilliant commentary. Considering that the Russian people had atheism shoved on them for over 70 years, it is amazing how they are coming out of it. Putin puts "Russia First" and that is what he should do. I also agree that the Youtube video by "the duran" is the best news source about the war. I've been following it since February. I think the GOP has made a terrible mistake supporting Biden's anti-Russian policy and the blowback is already evident.

  18. People, Vladimir Putin is not the only politician in Russia. To zero in on Putin alone is weird. Anonymous says, "Putin still keeps Lenin on ice" indicating that anonymous thinks that it's a decision made solely by Putin alone whereas Lenin's Mausoleum has been there since 1924.

    One has to admit that adhering closer to the Moral Law means "closer to Christ" however I never said that since Russia is a far more moral country today than the degenerate USA (believe me, the LGBT agenda is not sexualizing children in kindergarten in Russia) means that the 1984 Consecration was accepted by Heaven.

    What I said is that the 1984 Consecration was valid, therefore the USSR fell 5 years later. One of the results of the fall of Communism in Russia is that churches are being built there which was not done during the 70 years of Communism, people are free to attend church services and, Russians, being people whose government rightly discourages, say, sexualizing 5 year old children in the classroom, then become on a whole closer to the Moral Law.

    Further, and frankly, I think it's "asinine" to be so close minded as to be unable to comprehend what is written because it's forever being sifted through one's own tunnel vision coming out on the other side as, "AHA!! That's blasphemous! That person is asinine! That other person doesn't think the way I do so they are foolish, asinine, blasphemous and a complete nincompoop!" They disregard all the evidence for their personal opinion.

    Lastly, Portly Comrade Bob, thank you for the info on Turgenev but the "hate the Russian tree" campaign (it wasn't allowed to be entered in Europe's Tree Contest) was because it was planted by Turgenev - a Russian - therefore must be hated because the latest leftist hysteria is to hate all things Russian, even Russian gas and oil which heat homes in the very cold European winters. The EU has cut off its nose to spite their face because Russia must be wiped from the face of the earth and then...then...the West can plunder and steal her vast natural resources.

  19. "However you have to admit that the 1989 dissolution of the USSR was rather spectacular." So was 911, but that doesn't mean we understand it. Golitsyn called 1989 decades before 1989 happened, because *it was planned*. Listen to Yuri Bezmenov, who details the long game of mass deception the Soviets played. The international communists have a long patient calendar, and they milked the Soviet Union for as long as they could, and now they are milking the world. They knew that the negative economics of communism would eventually play out, and so they would rather cover up those economics before people saw their plans for the world.

    And believe me, the Orthodox Church was bought in with the Soviets. I would not be surprised if they are continuing the con with their close association with Putin. (This does not mean there are no holy orthodox priests, just as with Catholic).

    What did we celebrate in 1989? Didn't everyone think Communism was dead? Now it seems to have seeped into every orifice of the world.

    Hitler turned the spigot off on abortions, too. So did China bump its one child policy to two children and I think three now. Proves nothing that a dictator will spin the dials of its eugenics.

    Trump says he's the most prolife president ever. Then he's for rape exceptions. Then he even wants to impose those rape exceptions on the GOP platform. Then he's the most gay friendly president ever. Then he locks down and "fathers" warp speed abortion tainted shot. That's all before he turns things over to Biden.

    You really have to think globally to see how the globalist puppet masters are thinking, rather than imagining the puppet leaders are operating independently.

  20. I have sent this pitiful blog to the FBI!!!

  21. Thanks for the funniest comment yet, Anonymous. I haven't stopped laughing since I read it. I look forward to making coffee for the agents when they knock on my door -- or being handcuffed and carted off when they knock it down in the night with a fully armed SWAT team. I'll ask them to let me feed my chickens before they cart me off to the gulag.

  22. Another important data point is the debate between (Putin friend) Aleksandr Dugin and conservative Brazilian olavo de carvalho. Thesis is existence of three legged stool of power Western mercantilists/"Eurasia" ( read sinosoviet and remember troth that was plighted at Feb Olympics), and Islam.

    An adjunct data point.. Charlottesville 2017 riot organizer Spencer wife is thick with Dugin/his translator.

  23. Why are there so many anonymous commenters when it takes no effort at all to establish a pen name, at least, as one comments. Is it fear, laziness, or some technical issue? I'm going to try and use my Google email name without logging in, and we will see what happens.

  24. @Susan

    And everyone knows that you're splitting hairs right now. Russia is no more 'Christian' than anywhere else these days. They're in a flux perhaps, where "Christian" is being used as a political wedge/veil of deception. But that's about it. Sorry.


    Another mincing of words. That started with your keying "advertised." Hello. There's NO need to advertise when rampant abortion is the norm. No opposition whatsoever. Outside state sponsored 'have babies' campaigns that are only in place because of Russia's expansionist plans. Really. Wake up.


    If you've never heard of AG, maybe you shouldn't be speaking out so vehemently on Russian politics that you know zero about except for a news site that panders to what YOU want to hear. Dead serious. Believe me, you have no clue about communism. The grand 'breakup' is a sideshow. But it's got your attention much like the glitzy girl at a magic show. Well done.


    Obviously, you don't care about Putin's private life. It doesn't fit YOUR narrative. But how a person lives is the bellweather for their beliefs. Not what they say for propaganda purposes. Like gulling Christians with religious photo ops and pandering. Remember that Putin is not the anointed King David. A waltz through Putin's more recent political encounters and the disappearance of "opposition" speaks for itself. But you won't hear that on a new site that's just driven by an agenda as anywhere else.


    Good grief. Wooed by the testosterone and the "manly" facade. Check. Sex does sell in myriad ways. The full-blooded highly intelligent woman nonsense is nonsense. Look to the results, not at the person doing them. If you don't care a hoot for Putin's private life then logically, to be fair, you shouldn't give a hoot about other's private lives. But you do if it suits "your" narrative.

    You write, "These Russian people can run rings around the buffoons, sodomites and lesbians running America. Why? Because they're not leftist ideologues. They see life through a lens of REALITY therefore can solve problems and run their country extremely well without the help of corrupt Western leftist ideologues. Look at the mess the EU is in from practically every country being run by feminist leftist WOMEN."

    The Russian people have been running rings around others. By imposing communist policies on the people of Russia who will be jailed for treason for speaking their opinions. Good grief. If that's the "manly" climate you want over here, you can have it. Your statement, "they see life through a lens of REALTY," is absolutely unreal and borderlines on teenaged fan girling. Do you collect those bare chested Putin photos, too?

    Religion can and is often used as a weapon, a disguise, an excuse, etc. But putting Russia on a pedestal is a grave mistake.

  25. @Susan

    "Further, and frankly, I think it's "asinine" to be so close minded as to be unable to comprehend what is written because it's forever being sifted through one's own tunnel vision coming out on the other side as, "AHA!! That's blasphemous! That person is asinine! That other person doesn't think the way I do so they are foolish, asinine, blasphemous and a complete nincompoop!" They disregard all the evidence for their personal opinion."

    Your close mindedness is assinine. As is your comparing Putin to King David while ignoring other comparisons that may well have others compared to Mary Magdalene. That's tunnel vision. That's propaganda. That said, if you don't believe that someone who had a handle on Russia 50 years ago has an idea of what's planned for today, you're kidding yourself.

    Plans take time. Patience. Etc.

    This fan girling either side needs to stop. Really.

  26. Good question, NorthCharlton. It makes it hard to keep the commenters straight between "unknown" and "anonymous." Maybe I should go back to blocking anonymous folks. I'll think about it.

  27. Anonymous 2:10, I'm just curious. Do you care about Zelensky's disgusting private life? If not, then you have no credibility to question Susan's statement about Putin. Zelensky is a lightweight comedian who revels in obscenity and he's a drug addict to boot. He takes every opportunity for photo ops from the bunker wearing his cammies and green T-shirt. He preens before the world as a hero with the help of the mainstream media, rather than a puppet who couldn't care less about the people of Ukraine. If he did, the war would have been over the first week. As for our U.S. warmongers, they will happily get us into WW III and many will increase their fortunes accordingly while they impoverish the American people. They are shameless and despicable!

    I'm getting ready to shut down comments on this thread so if you have something to say, better do it quickly.

  28. Good question, NorthCharlton. It makes it hard to keep the commenters straight between "unknown" and "anonymous." Maybe I should go back to blocking anonymous folks. I'll think about it."

    All any person need do in order to take some responsibility for their own comments, is to use the drop down box next to the "Comment as" feature and make up a comment identifier. A middle name, "Bob" instead of Robert, whatever. You do not need to add an URL. Just put in an identifier, and hit "continue"

    To all practical extents and purposes, and certainly for all public ones, you remain anonymous. That way, if you fear lunatic would-be informers to the FBI, and rabid Internet trolls and doxers, you should be good to go. Troubling to sign your comment with an identifier is just common decency ... if your aim is actually an aboveboard exchange of views.

    I don't recommend anyone choose "Pierre Delecto" though. That one is taken.

    You will also have to remember to manually input it every time though, as it is not connected to any account , unless you are already signed in and using that name. In which case all this would be moot.

    It's not much to expect. By my reckoning, Les Femmes have already proven themselves about 8 times as tolerant as their notorious Brooklyn troll.

    Offer a little technical cooperation at least, if not lockstep ideological agreement.

  29. Both Putin and Zelensky are problems... it doesn't have to be one or other with Kabuki theater. And the same azov in the Ukraine made an appearance at Charlottesville for one more data point btw.

  30. Portly Comrade BobMay 15, 2022 at 3:58 PM

    For several years before her death, Alice von Hilldebrand expressed a great
    concern, fear really, that SHE would be among the "many" who would be deceived
    in the last days. She expressed, in so many words, the wish that God would "hurry up"
    and take her home, lest she be deceived.

    If she had such a concern, I remind myself not to get too fired up with my own conclusions.

  31. Reading these comments ... goodness! The ignorance (save the dependable few like Andrew Dunn, Fr VF, Michael Dowd etc)!

    You people worried about Rooskies behind every tree? Have you noticed we have a serious communism problem right here at home? Do you have any idea how evil the government of Ukraine actually is? Researched the Nazis tha populate much of the active Ukraine military? Seen the videos of Zelensky dancing like solo-demon from hell with his fellows from the pit? Probably not. You've been told to hate Russia ... so you do.

    I don't really care one way or the other about Russia's government, to tell the truth. That's for Russians. I care very much that our government is in a quantifiable state of collapse, and that those in power (usurped) want the collapse - which they call the great reset: *you can't rebuild until you turn all that currently is into rubble*. If you dislike commies so much, do something about the homegrown variety.

    The Soviet Union is no more. At least acknowledge that. Russia is now a Federation, headed by representative government and a President under a new post-1989 Constitution. They have been rebuilding Orthodox Christian churches at an astounding pace (20,000, is the number I've read). They have built a Cathedral in the heart of Moscow that is stunning in its beauty. Religion is not banned from public life in Russia as it used to be in communist Soviet Union days, as it now is in leftist/fascist America.

    Many people are waking up to the fact that Russia has undergone a revolution - the *good* kind ... AGAINST communism. Show me proof of communist activity in Russia.

    I'll raise you one and get it started with America's very own "Ministry Of Disinformation (1984 "Truth"), and the wicked woman chosen to monitor and redirect all speech. Perhaps then we can talk about the FBI and its emerging role as the brains redirected toward against own citizens; DHS created ostensibly to fight terrorists overseas but now only finding them among certain domestic American demographics.

    The Russia boogeyman means nothing to me any more - pending further information.

  32. Essential reading

    Dugin is Putin pal.

    One more data point on Putin... He has threatened to drop nuclear bomb on us.

    This is *not* to downplay problems in Ukraine and us. Our whole focus is on whether Putin gets a pass.

  33. Anonymous at 5:42...yeah yeah yeah and he said that Russia had the capability to literally wipe England off the face of the earth by exploding a bomb or whatever under the sea somewhere off the coast of the UK thereby sending a massive tsunami over England to wash it away. And why do you think he hinted that Russia has the capability to DO THAT? Could it have been to make the Collective West stop and back off their hysterical rants of "Let us bomb Russia!" ... "Let's start a nuclear war!! That'll show Putin and Russia!"

    Hahah. Right...the fools running the degenerate West have no idea of the power of the Russian military or what weapons they really have. Putin was trying to make the West take a step back on the West's wanted escalation of nuclear war. Putin was just letting them know who would win.

    While the USA has spent time and MONEY creating SAFE SPACES for military members (what a laugh that is!!) and making the military pay for TRANSGENDER SURGERY and all the homo lesbian sodo garbage, the Russians have been carrying on business as usual.

    Thank you Aqua for your recent comment and all others who commented. Also NorthCharlton has an excellent point that I hope all you "afraid" people will heed.

  34. I am not the previous Anonymous poster, but would like to clarify one thing. Golitsyn did write a book called 'New Lies for Old' published in 1984 which he predicted almost everything that happened from 1989-1992 behind the iron curtain. It is dry, heavy reading, but if you can find a copy, I recommend it.

  35. Bon jour mon chers soeurs catholiques,

    Duran is good, but Gonzalo Lira is GREAT!

    He is reporting from Ukraine and also examines domestic USicant policy from time to time.

    Carry-on til you're carrion


  36. I know from a young man that goes to our TLM parish, he spent time in Russia last year he is an artisan who puts slate roofs on churches that need repaired he stated that churches are going up all over the area of Russia he was in. Just an affirmation to what some posters commented above.

  37. @Susan

    Susan, will you let me translate your great article and post it on

  38. Yes, I also watch Gonzalo Lira. Also the Dreizin Report and others Alex recommends but my favorites are Alex and Alexander. Every morning I make a pot of coffee and watch my daily dose of Alex walking around Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Athens or wherever he is and in addition to the latest news which he has combed through (so we don't have to) I get a history lesson and see places I'll never be able to go. His daily recap of the news is REXLAING! I'm not on edge, I'm not disgusted, I'm not angry when the news is delivered by Alex. He removes all the emotion that we see on the TV news and delivers it in an astonishingly calm, totally normal fashion just talking to his audience.

  39. Anonymous @ 9:21, yes, you may translate and post the article on Ekspedyt. Thank you.

  40. Anonymous @ 9:15

    A confident nation doesn't depend for its wellbeing and prosperity on whether another nation tells the truth or not; whether it is virtuous or not; whether it acts in good faith or not.

    Let's just assume Russia is dishonest and filled with KGB deceivers. Let's assume it is populated by immoral and satan-centric commies. Let's assume that every time they sit down to do a deal or just open their mouth to talk they are lying, dissembling and trying to sneak a knife into our back.

    Does any of that change how a confident, virtuous and prosperous nation behaves itself in its diplomatic relations with such a nation?

    The answer is no. Trust but verify. That goes for our closest ally, no less than our greatest enemy. We do what we do, as do they. And if a nation is in dependable or dishonest, we don't do deals with them; we keep them at arms length and reserve our military to back up our national interests.

    But why the outrage at another nation's perceived immorality? I can easily live with it. Not.My.Problem.

    What *IS* my problem are the lies, deceit, immorality and seditious impulses of my own government - not just in D.C, but throughout the Federal and State systems. We are splintering internally as a People. And we pretend like fixing Russia's problems will solve our own. Let Russia figure their own issues out. We Americans are at our own existential crossroads, and so far it's not looking good that we can sustain what used to be known as our Constitutiona-based Republic of the United States of America.

    We need to close the border, stand down internationally and solve our own domestic problems which are ample.

  41. Finally! Someone besides myself 'gets it'. I have been saying these things about Russia in relation to the West long before this current conflict at least going as far back as 2015. Thanks for edifying me in my oft-rejected observations. As a Gen Xr who lived through the latter part of the Cold War and saw the Berlin Wall come down I took it as a first sign that the consecration of '84 was active. In these latter days I grew increasingly disappointed with Boomer traditional Catholics especially who held fast to the evidently false belief of Russia-Bad, US-Good. Persistent in their continuance of that old conflict despite the evidence easily found showing the contrary. There is still conflict, for sure and agendas to be waged and money to be made in pretending that we remain in that cold war era. Again, thank you!

  42. @Maryann

    You write: "Anonymous 2:10, I'm just curious. Do you care about Zelensky's disgusting private life? If not, then you have no credibility to question Susan's statement about Putin."

    Your curiosity is misfired, Mary Ann. The question is not whether I care about Zelensky's private life but rather why Susan seems to care about one person's private life while dismissing the significance of the private lives of others.

    That's hypocritical. That said, I'm not here to judge the 'private' lives of others. Not at all.

    What I find so incredible here is the push to make Russia good/US&the West Bad.

    Fallen human nature doesn't discriminate. Using religion as a disinformation tool doesn't discriminate. And fangirling Putin/Russia is naive in the extreme. And 'despicable' is the rampant bias here.

    Try to be fair and impartial. A walk through both Zelensky's and Putin's history is reprehensible. Just own that. This isn't a black and white situation by any means.

    But go ahead and shut down comments. That's tantamount to CM's blocking.

  43. @MaryAnn

    You write: "He preens before the world as a hero with the help of the mainstream media, rather than a puppet who couldn't care less about the people of Ukraine. If he did, the war would have been over the first week."

    How dare you judge another as not caring about their people? With the history of bloodshed and Russian abuse in Ukraine toward the Ukraian people, who are you to judge how soon someone should surrender to Russia?

    Would you cede the US to Russia? Maybe so. Golly, if Russia is that good, maybe you would. But guess what happens when you cede? You get enslaved, Mary Ann. Oppressed. Have you ever lived in a communist regime? Probably not.

    But feel free to backseat drive over a country you literally know zip about. If you have actual political, historical understanding about the long term angst between Ukraine/Russia, coupled with the experience of what it's like to have your home taken from you, maybe then you could speak on this.

    Without it, you seem to be keen to protect your buddy from called out. Nothing else.

    Feel free to block anonymous posters.

    The drive-by, back-seat-riving, judgemental slams on this blog are a real sellout.

  44. Oh my goodness, Anonymous. You have no problem judging Susan and me. "Try to be impartial."

    Can you explain exactly what our country's interests are in this fight? There are evils going on all over the world, Yemen for example. We are perfectly willing to ignore the people who live in Yemen as we were willing to ignore the massacres in Rwanda. Are the people of these countries less worthy of our compassion, not to mention money that we don't have? Or is the fight really about punishing a country that won't jump on the globalist bandwagon?

    Russia is more than Putin. Ukraine is more than Zelensky and America is more than Biden (Thank God!). The private lives of our leaders are absolutely relevant to the discussion because they are about character. As Martin Luther King said, we should be judged (and judge others as a corollary) by the quality of character, not the color of skin. The quality of its leaders says a lot about the moral values of a country. I believe most of the people of the U.S. love God, family, and country, but it doesn't seem to be true of most of our leaders on either side of the aisle. I'm not sure damages our country more -- Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer or Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney.

    I agree this is not a black and white issue, although THE LEFT was quick to make it exactly that. Putin the demon and Zelensky the hero; Russia evil and demonic, Ukraine saintly and pure.

    In just war theory fighting a losing battle is wrong. All it does is kill people and extend suffering. We have contributed to the devastation of Ukraine to our shame, while we impoverish our own nation even to the extent of denying formula to infants. In the end Russia will win, we will have pushed them into the arms of China, and what will we have gained?

    NOTHING! But we will have lost an enormous amount as we see 500,000 illegals crossing into the country every month while we defend the borders of Ukraine. It's insane! I checked the numbers. No country can sustain that kind of invasion.

    And what will the Ukraine have gained when all is said and done? More devastation than if we had stayed out of it.

  45. You are correct, we should stay out of it. But you don't have to saint Putin, who could very well be practicing his own deception, even possibly a very long term one

  46. Anonymous:

    Can you explain why I should care about Ukraine? Because I don't. Not even a little. Certainly not enough to support making it the 51st State of our Union and giving them the equivalent of the 10th largest defense budget on the planet; committing ourselves to total war against our primary nuclear armed power ... which means, yes, we are willing to risk nuclear Armageddon for Ukraine (that's how such things work).

    Why should I?

  47. Anonymous:

    Oh, one other thing ... we are on the cusp of hyperinflation because we have utterly debased our currency through a deficit that is now $3.1 Trillion/year, added on to a total deficit of $30 Trillion. Remember, the deficit does not include unfinded liabilities which puts our total debt closer to $123 Trillion.

    Oh, I know, what's $40 Billion in the grand scheme of such numbers, eh?

    I'll tell you what it is. It is our doom. We are doomed by our own profligacy (reckless wastefulness) before we even get to armed conflict with Russia. Support for Ukraine in ANY form is stupid. Our nation is on the brink, and we are giving the sodomite pervert Nazi of Ukraine standing ovations in Congress and an open checkbook to buy pretty much whatever he pleases. This is the froth before the final sentence is pronounced on this unserious nation of ours.

    Note: "What caused Weimar hyperinflation?
    In order to pay the striking workers the government simply printed more money. This flood of money led to hyperinflation as the more money was printed, the more prices rose. Prices ran out of control, for example a loaf of bread, which cost *250 marks* in January 1923, had risen to *200,000 million marks* in November 1923." (BBC)

    Support for Ukraine is insane.

  48. ??? In the article President Putin was named ONE TIME! ONCE! Uno time. однажды ...that means "once" in Russian. ONCE! And that was when I reiterated the West's hysterical rants of "Putin must go!" But to make this perfectly clear, I say BIDEN MUST GO!

    Liberals LOVE and are fanboys and girls of Nazism the way they bow down to their heart throb Zelenski, kiss his puppet king-ring and shower him and his beloved Nazis with money and weapons. They heartily approve of the way Nazis steal and kill and torture then blame all their wicked deeds on Russia.

    So, all you anonymous swastika-kissing, sieg heiling liberals - keep on keeping on the devil's bandwagon. Go ahead and sneer and mob-cheer your way into your pinup boi Zelenski's Nazi Ukraine. When life get's too painful just remember to deal with it like your heart-throb, your hero, Zelenski. And what's that? you ask.... When things get tough just before the day's latest billion dollar or euro deposit for his Nazis, Zelenski looks in the mirror at his nose and tells it, "A little cocaine'll do ya!"

  49. The FY 2022 Budget for Missouri is $45 Billion.

    We gave Ukraine $40 Billion (for starters).

    We are essentially funding another State in our Union.

  50. "Feel free to block anonymous posters."

    This challenge mystifies me. Why the petulance?

    I don't get it. Can any anonymous poster tell me why they will not even type in a "local" pen name, using the function right there in front of their face?

    Is it a disrespectful laziness? A sense of entitlement to abuse without the least responsibility? Why so timorous over temporarily adopting a comment-identifying pseudo-identity so people can keep straight who is saying what?

    One is still fundamentally anonymous, just as "Brutus" or "Federal Farmer" or "Publius" were many generations ago.

    My name is not North Charlton. It's an email tag. But at least people know who has written what.

    What moral force does your challenge pose, when you won't even trouble yourself with the basic decency to type in a temporary pen name?


  51. Thank you, North Charlton! Yes, it's easy to use the Name/URL link but I fear that all the incognito mystery people would type in "Anonymous" ...because not too bright.

  52. One further thought just struck me. Given that Ukraine is widely accepted as the most corrupt nation on the planet. Given that Ukraine is the locus for money laundering schemes to various corrupt politicians, their "Charitable Flundations", their various "business ventures". Given that $40 Billion is more money than a small nation like Ukraine can ever think of spending on anything, much less military hardware that doesn't exist. Given all that and more, isn't it likely that the $40 Billion to Ukraine is merely meant to pass through Zelensky's "holy hands" into the depleted coffers of the OWG bank-rollers, preparing themselves even now for Round 2?

    We are paying our OWG jailers with our hard earned tax dollars. That's what I think. There will be no accounting for this money. It will disappear and no one will know where it went, or care. Zelensky is loved with such passion by world leaders because he is the face of the unseen OWG forces that are preparing, even now for the next totalitarian push into our lives. They are creating the crisis and transferring wealth to themselves, all at the same time.

    "Support Ukraine!" Hogwash. It is the 2022 version of "Mask Up", and "Vax Up". And we do it. Because they told us to. The TV said. We are such fools.

  53. To North Charlton - Hi Pete. I assume you're "North Charlton".

  54. Hi. I'm not "Pete" and I don't know who he is. North Charlton is my email account handle. It"s a name related to my hunting property/deer camp.

    I looked up this blog after seeing Brooklyn Catholic attack you.

    I had left a couple of comments there just recently and got banned for being insulting by focusing on her reasoning per se, rather than the issues she considered relevant.

    I had run across her originally a couple years back, because of her attacks on Church Militant.

    I ran across Church Militant because someone was trying to goad A-T analytic philosopher Ed Feser by hanging Real Catholic/Michael Voris around his neck.

    I stumbled across Ed Feser because of his moderate realism stance, and clash with the currently fashionable computationalism, and scientistic values nihilism.

    Pretty much sums up my Catholic related Internet career. I occasionally comment over there at CM.

    The church I remembered from my childhood, seems to have evaporated during my decades long absence. As vehement as they are at CM in their opinions as to why it disappeared, I'd have to say II fully agree with them. Heck, you could see the well developed trend line by the time of the old 1980 Wm. Buckley Firing Line episode, "The Fight Over Catholic Orthodoxy", was released. (And still can be seen on various venues.)

    Too bad Benedict "fled from the wolves". He did a lot of good just being there in my considered opinion.

  55. I'm glad you found us, North Charlton. It certainly is not the Church of my childhood where nuns, most of whom were sensible and kind - true brides of Christ -- filled the classrooms and priests were ministers rather than presiders.

    I remember my 5th and 8th grade nuns with such gratitude and the priests as well who often visited our classrooms. I never experienced the pathetic caricature we see today presented by anti-Catholic bigots. As for the "nuns on the bus," well...what can one say except they traded their birthrate for a bowl of slop.

    Sad times -- but God continues to bring good out of all things for those who are faithful to Him.

  56. @MaryAnn

    You write, "Oh my goodness, Anonymous. You have no problem judging Susan and me. "Try to be impartial."

    Oh, my goodness, MaryAnn. I called out Susan's wholesale Russia good post. That's not judging Susan but her supposition of being correct. Correct in a vacuum.

    You also write, "I agree this is not a black and white issue, although THE LEFT was quick to make it exactly that. Putin the demon and Zelensky the hero; Russia evil and demonic, Ukraine saintly and pure."

    That's the point I'm making. Did I say that Zelensky was a hero? Nope. Did I say that Ukraine was saintly and pure? No. That's a straw man that you and Susanne are erecting for whatever reason I have no idea. It serves no purpose.

    As for just wars, please explain the 'just' reasons engaged by Russia (not Putin per se) in bombing/invading Ukraine. Please. Explain.

    What I'm seeking is even handed treatment of two flawed countries, and two very flawed leaders. That's not what i'm seeing.

    Now Susan is going on about the left. That would be Susan painting anyone who calls out her biased approach to this issue as a leftist. That's not Christian behavior. That is unjust.

    I'm looking for lesfemmes to set the example of equal treatment before the law and the application of Christian principles. What I see is two zealous women, very well intended, who are picking up the tactics of the enemy.

  57. @Aqua.

    Did I say you should care about Ukraine? Please, read posts for what they actually say instead of what you fear they're saying.

  58. What then is your connection to North Charlton, England if I might ask?

  59. @Susan & @NorthCharlton

    Susan writes, "Thank you, North Charlton! Yes, it's easy to use the Name/URL link but I fear that all the incognito mystery people would type in "Anonymous" ...because not too bright."

    @NorthCharleton writes:

    "Why the petulance?"

    I'll start with @NorthCharlton.

    Why the labels? Posting anonymously doesn't indicate childish sulking. Why would you think that? Are you virtue signaling? That said, I used to post with a moniker here but Susan in a tirade at one point, one where she petulantly branded those who disagree with her point, good practicing trad catholics mind you, as leftists and abortion promoters.

    That's why I prefer to post anonymously. To avoid the petulant trolling of my moniker on other sites wherein susan misquotes and rages.

    Personally, Susan, in light of your behavior when crossed and/or called out for your own uncharitable stereotyping, is bright. What isn't too bright is expecting intelligent human beings, practicing trad Catholics among them, to agree with your viewpoints. Limited viewpoints at that.

    Again, Susan, my point here was never to defend the United States involvement in the Russia/Ukraine conflict. My point was and still is how utterly ignorant it is to believe that communism is no longer in play in Russia. You obviously disagree. You have that right, much like you have the right to eliminate anonymous postings.

    That said, Susan has taught me the value/necessity of anonymous posting. And since that is an option that YOU have provided on your blog for commentary, I find it rather ignorant and off putting that you'd attempt to shame and/or sideline posters to take advantage of an option you yourself have provided.

    You do yourself a disservice, Susan, by presuming that others are simply not bright when they counteract your bad behavior. Like calling anonymous posters names when your own website provides an anonymous option.

    It would be far easier for YOU to take into consideration the valid point of others instead of becoming so pugnacious and encouraging erroneous comments like ...petulant. The child is typically the one who fails to review their own behavior when encountering opposition. You may want to try.

  60. Now you're putting words in our mouths, Anonymous. Neither Susan nor I have ever said Putin's invasion of Ukraine was just. Although there are plenty of factors that make the morality of the invasion murky, i.e. labs creating chemicals for warfare and the Ukraine attacks and murders of civilians in the Donbas region which went on during the past decade with absolutely no compassion or concern from the U.S.

    Hmm... "weapons of mass destruction" -- isn't that how Bush justified our invasion of Iraq in 2003? Because Iraq was preparing "weapons of mass destruction?" Kind of ironic that in a speech gaffe yesterday he condemned the "unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq." Seemed like a Freudian slip.

  61. Please read this then we'll discuss:

  62. Anonymous 11:10

    You said:

    - quote -

    "How dare you judge another as not caring about their people? With the history of bloodshed and Russian abuse in Ukraine toward the Ukraian people, who are you to judge how soon someone should surrender to Russia?

    Would you cede the US to Russia? Maybe so. Golly, if Russia is that good, maybe you would. But guess what happens when you cede? You get enslaved, Mary Ann. Oppressed. Have you ever lived in a communist regime? Probably not.

    But feel free to backseat drive over a country you literally know zip about. If you have actual political, historical understanding about the long term angst between Ukraine/Russia, coupled with the experience of what it's like to have your home taken from you, maybe then you could speak on this."

    - end quote -

    And my response to those three paragraphs is ... "Can you explain why I should care about Ukraine? Because I don't. Not even a little".

    You obviously care a lot, based on that comment. Why should I? The question remains.

    The budget of State of Missouri is $45 Billion. We just gave Ukraine $40 Billion. We are funding an averaged size American State, but without any of that State's productivity and economic production in return. Just a gift of $40,000,000,000. With no oversight - that was specifically excluded from the authorizing bill. Can't have oversight of all that money, after all. Gone. Somewhere.

    You care deeply about Ukraine and its sodo-pervert Nazi President Zelensky. The questions stands: why should I? What's your case? Do you have one?

  63. "@NorthCharleton writes:

    'Why the petulance?'

    I'll start with @NorthCharlton.

    Why the labels? Posting anonymously doesn't indicate childish sulking. Why would you think that?"

    As a general rule, I would not. In your case however, it's because of the pouty and resentful remark which follows quoted below. (presumably yours, because you reply as if it was, even though you insist on avoiding using an identifier):
    "Feel free to block anonymous posters."

    Now, such a taunt might be characterized by other terms than "petulant" or "pouting", but those were the vibes that jumped out at me more than sarcasm.

    Other than that, I'm not sure what you were trying to say with regard to your once having had, but now refusing to employ, a pen name.

    You seem to be indicating that one of the bloggers here, was following you around to other blogs or web sites, and hectoring you there.

    If that were true, you could simply have called yourself one consistent name when commenting on her blog, and another venue consistent name, or names, when on others.

    There is no dishonesty unless you intend to mislead people; since, the only purposes which we are discussing now is making sure that comments are self-evidently attributable to, and honestly owned by, the proper author.

    Signing that which you have authored, seems a common courtesy, especially when addressing another private person, or when engaging with what they have argued, or when challenging or critiquing it on ostensibly ethical bases.

    That is my view. Others, perhaps from, say, different moral or cultural traditions and backgrounds, will undoubtedly have theirs.

  64. @MaryAnn

    I apologize if I've put any words in your mouth.

    I'd appreciate an apology for the agenda attributed to me. And the refusal to address my valid criticism of the article. Specifically the extolling of Russia and her leadership. I'd also like to point out that you were the one who brought up "just war" in your comments to me, Mary Ann. Why did mention "just war" when that wasn't on the table?

    A distraction from the point? Extolling Russia and her government is folly.

    Ironically, I never received a response to my point but rather presumptuous redirects. Perhaps age is the issue.

    As for weapons of mass destruction "hmmm" there are classified aspects to that statement that you're unaware of obviously. But go forward with the intelligence info that you think you have and call it a day. You will anyway.

    But again, you may want to remove the anonymous option on your blog if you're intent on slamming those who use it.

  65. ...and again, Mary Ann, I never intimated that the US should be involved in the Ukraine/Russia conflict. Not once. So I don't understand the constant push to label my criticism of Susan's biased reporting as support for Ukraine's current president.

    Boggles the mind.

  66. "Perhaps age is the issue."

    That must be it, Anonymous. LOL! I admit it, I'm ancient. As I tell my grandkids, I used to have a pet dinosaur. (I like my chickens better.)

    And of course "just war" is on the table. The LEFT says "we are at war" which immediately begs the question of whether it is a "just war" according to Catholic teaching.

    I haven't said much about the anonymous option, but I removed it once and I think I will again. You can always start your own blog. I'm beginning to think you are one of my trolls just operating under another non-name.

  67. Anonymous 3:14

    Your quote: "Extolling Russia and her government is folly."

    Which is, I gather, the essence of your complaint.

    Russia has rebuilt over 20,000 Orthodox Christian churches. They have built a beautiful Orthodox Cathedral in the heart of Moscow. The Orthodox Christian Faith is encouraged, no longer illegal and persecuted by government agents. Abortion is still legal, but discouraged. Russia has, in my opinion a legitimate beef with Ukraine and its cooperation with the approach of NATO to the very border of Russia. Russia has a legitimate point in its support for the ethnic Russians of Donbas who have been persecuted and murdered by Ukrainians since the "Color" revolution of 2014. Russsia was the Soviet Union, pure communist, pure atheist, who persecuted their own people and were the enemy of Western liberties and freedom throughout the world. And now they are this other thing. How is that not good?

    The Media would have us think nothing has changed in Russia and everything you see there is just one big complicated PsyOp meant to obscure their true commie nature. I don't see that at all. I see something repulsive in our own government, strongly resembling fascism. I am worried very much about what is happening to my own nation - because it has already reached out and touched me personally. I am vaguely encouraged by what has happened in Russia, but Russia is for Russians - not my problem either way. We are losing America. THAT is my problem. We just gave Ukraine $40 Billion for some strange reason (a 5 months supply after which there will be more). THAT is my problem. We are told by our government that we will fight Ukraine and overthrow Russia's government and that there is no off-ramp - big, big problem. And it makes no sense, at all, except for the OWG angle.

  68. "Susan Matthiesen said...

    What then is your connection to North Charlton, England if I might ask?
    May 19, 2022 at 11:15 AM "

    Hi. Missed your question, earlier.

    The answer is that I have no connection, in the sense you are asking, to North Charlton, England.

    The tag is a reference to a different North Charlton, where the deer and the Elk-elope roam.

    By the way, and on a more significant matter, I hope my comments were not construed as advocating a purge of anonymous commenters per se. I was trying to be encouraging of people who wished to remain functionally anonymous, to take the small step of typing in a more precise comment identifier, and thus sorting themselves out.

    They would still remain just as anonymous in reality, as I am to you.

    Though I just dropped by to see what it was that Brooklyn was hating on so hard, it seems to me that you folks have been pretty tolerant of dissenting views, despite the intensity of your own; and I see that as commendable.

    I still do not understand why commenters won't trouble themselves to make up a venue specific identifier. They are not being asked for their address or blood type.

    One virtue of allowing the anonymous feature to function, would be in that it allows anyone not signed into Google or their email network to comment without so signing in.

    This then gives them the opportunity to do just what I suggested they do: make up an identifying tag while still remaining completely anonymous in fact.

    For some reason that mild suggestion to somewhat ameliorate the anonymous chaos seems not only not to appeal to some commenters, but to spark their outright indignation.

    Well, you can experiment around and see what is right for your blog. What is done can be undone, and vice versa.

  69. @MaryAnn

    LoL is right. "Age" was the excuse offered by former President Bush for his flub. And where you choose to rush in for the "Freudian Slip" kill, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. You, too, as there's nothing left.

    And of course "just war" was a kitchen sink argument from you because you have no intention of answering for the unbalanced aspects of this ridiculous article by your pal. Birds of feather in every sense.

    Enjoy the chickens. I've had my share of flocks. Chickens are fun. Maybe you should spent more time contemplating in the coupe instead of engaging in debates. Either that or address the subject at hand. That would be refreshing.

  70. @ NorthCharlton

    Thank you for your less-than-charitable comments. I'm edified by your Catholic example and your rush to project petulance onto comments that you obviously haven't understood and had made little effort to understand.

    If you'd care for others to be the kind, loving, open person you think you are, you may want to set the example. Ask a question. Seek clarification. Try.

    Otherwise your protestation about not rashly labeling others is unbelievable. Just an excuse.

  71. @Aqua.

    You write, "You obviously care a lot, based on that comment. Why should I? The question remains."

    Um, no, my comment does not indicate that I care about the conflict between Russia/Ukraine per ses. My comment was intended to reflect the presumption of others who would deign to label others as misguided in fighting for their country.

    Mary Ann seems pretty hot under the collar about what she considers an unjust war on the part of Ukraine. Why? That's my question. Why care so much about judging Ukraine and her leadership? It's their country. It's their conscience.

    The backseat driving with regard to what Ukraine should or should not do is outrageous. That's my point. Not defending Ukraine and/or Russia. And this blog post is saturated in Russia love. Why, I have no idea.

    Maybe you can explain that.

  72. @NorthCharlton

    I'm indicating that Susan has smeared me in the past with unjust claims of being on the left. She insisted that she's seen my former name on other blog posts. This happened when I responded to another over zealous post that unfairly smeared an entire swath of people. Good people. But Susan wanted to make her point...even at another expense.

    Well, Susan was wrong and/or lying. If she had seen my name on other blogs, she'd have realized how wrong she was. I'm far from being on the left, regardless of the straw man others have built.

    That's very kind of you to tell me what you would have done in my situation, but you're not in my situation. I chose to proceed as I saw fit. Apparently, that wasn't up to your standard. But that's okay. Vive la difference.

    But I expect to be named troll now and banned. Much like Church Militant monitors ban posters who disagree with the chosen narrative. Their moderators are very young and naive with the exception of Simon Rafe. Moderators here are on the opposite end of that spectrum and yet the misbehavior remains.

  73. Wow! Talk about hot under the collar. I think in your case, Trad, it must be a burr under your saddle. But it's nice to be able to identify you now.

    Many of your comments are loaded with ad hominem insults toward me and Susan and others, so you may very well not get posted much. Read the rules on comments. I've been pretty lenient about your ad hominems. However, I'm not posting any more of your comments on this article since you seem to be sinking more and more into insults and really haven't had much to say except you disagree with us. Hey, I get it! Why don't you start your own blog.

  74. "NorthCharlton"
    Thank you for your suggestion about posting with a name rather than "anonymous". It's sensible, simple to do and certainly would be less confusing for everyone.

    Apologies that I thought you were Pete but the name "North Charlton" and Pete's connection to the town of the same name in England and your reference of "Bob...Robert" (a family member) jumped out at me, especially since I saw Pete two months ago at a family function where he mentioned the town to my daughter and said that she should visit it.

    A few years ago I was visiting friends in Montana. We went out to dinner one night and they suggested I order elk ribs. Delicious! I hope you get a few elk and/or antelope at your North Charlton camp this year.

  75. TradCatPostAnon -
    I have no authority to delete comments since I don't own this blog. I'm merely a contributor. And I don't lie.