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Friday, January 22, 2010

Is Suicide the Answer?

In the culture of death it is no surprise that suicide is common and that, for many, it seems an easy way out, or at least an easier way out than living with suffering and challenge. Charlotte Raven has written a moving article on the issue, one that shows, despite no religious conviction, that the natural law still moves hearts.

Charlotte Raven: Should I take my own life?

Perhaps at least a drop of sense is entering the debate. Switzerland is taking steps to increase restrictions on its suicide clinics. Well-publicized cases about non-terminal patients being killed has brought some soul-searching to the debate. According to The Guardian, "The Swiss cabinet, which is divided on the emotive issue, sent two proposals into the legislative process for consultation, which will last until 1 March: one for tighter regulation, and the other for an outright ban."

Pray for those considering the legislation that they will recognize the value of life, even a life of suffering. Pope John Paul II showed the world that suffering can be accepted and a source of sanctification. He didn't hide his Parkinson's Disease, but allowed his vulnerability to touch the world.

Let us each pray to embrace our sufferings and even praise God for them, knowing they make us humble and only humble people get into heaven.

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