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Monday, November 11, 2019

And the Vatican Scandals Continue with Conference on Food Waste

What's wrong with this picture?
Note the logos at the top!
Is today's Vatican likeminded with
the murderous Rockefeller Foundation?
The devil loves to dress up as an angel of light. He wears his white robes, but instead of a pointy hood he puts on a happy face and a halo. "See how sweet I am," he says hiding his cloven feet with his extra long dress.

Well...that's what he's doing this week at the Vatican -- playing angel of light. His latest antics follow up his month of promoting Pachamama (Mother Earth) and pagan idolatry. He's now using the Pontifical Academy of Science to give the evil Rockefeller Foundation a platform and respectability in Rome with a noble-sounding conference on "Reduction of Food Loss and Waste."

Now keep in mind that this is an organization that has no problem, and in fact encourages, the "waste" of little babies in the womb waiting to be born. They are so much trash, a blight on the planet in fact, that must be reduced to a "mess on a napkin" and dumped in the local land fill. Suck 'em out and throw 'em out!

You have to kind of laugh (in an ironic way) about this kind of propaganda. Does anyone really think that the Rockefellers peruse the fridge to make sure they use everything up and don't "waste" any food?

Why We Need the Catholic Identity Conference

I signed up yesterday to watch the videos from the Catholic Identity Conference that was held in Pittsburgh earlier this month. The theme was "Uniting the Clans." Both the FSSP and the SSPX had priests speaking. To see them on the same program sharing the same podium surely emphasizes the gravity of the situation in our beloved Church. Michael Matt compared it to the different branches of our armed forces which can show incredible rivalry and disagreement among themselves until they face the common enemy when they immediately have each other's backs.

 Several bishops and hundreds of clergy and laity attended to the point that the conference was sold out and others who wanted to come had to do so by signing up for the video presentations. Here's the promo video for the conference.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sunday Meditation: Abortion: A Doctrine of Demons -- The New Documentary from Created Equal

Sidewalk counselors save babies!
Warning for the squeamish. There are graphic photos of aborted babies and scenes of abortion
violence against peaceful pro-lifers in the documentary below.

As a long-time sidewalk counselor and rescuer, the video hit very close to home. I recognized scenes like those depicted. On several occasions, I had conversations outside abortion facilities with new agers and others who self-described as atheists and satanists. Sometimes, the presence of demons was almost palpable especially when I was in jail with a large rescue contingent and at one of the women's marches in Washington, D.C.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Was the 2nd idol in the Vatican Gardens Pacha Mama's sister, Mama Quilla?

The Two Sister Goddesses?
L - Mama Quilla, R - Pacha Mama?
Of course I know nothing about how to properly worship the Incan idol Pacha Mama, but thanks to the Amazon Synod and Bergoglio, I'm learning more each day. It's just like when my youngest child was in Catholic school here in Florida. She knew nothing about drugs until they were introduced to her in the fourth grade health book students were not allowed to take home for fear parents might see what was in it. 

I went into the classroom and took the book off the shelf while the teacher angrily told me I couldn't do that. "It's copyrighted you can't copy anything from it!" she shouted from across the room. I smiled sweetly and told her I'd bring it back when I was finished with it and walked out. 

There were pictures of different kinds of drugs - a rock of cocaine stands out best in my memory, which would have come in handy since there was a crack house on the corner 2 blocks from the elementary school. A few days later I suggested to the teacher that she take the little darlings on a field trip down the street to really teach them about drugs...and at the same time they'd be earning money for the school which in turn would be a helpful lesson on economics. The main thing they'd learn was that selling cocaine earns far more money than selling cookies. The only problem was I wasn't sure who the teacher's supplier would be for the field trip. (I debated with myself that year at Christmas....Sweetie! Look what a pretty little mirror Mommy got you for Christmas! Take it in for show and tell. Your teacher will be thrilled!)

Friday, November 8, 2019

The Bishops Need to Hear Us in Our Pleas to Our Lady of America!

Please come to pray the rosary outside the bishops' Fall meeting in Baltimore next Tuesday and Wednesday at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel at 12:40 p.m. If you live in the Baltimore-Washington area please come and spread the word to family and friends. Bring a group. Make it an act of reparation for the many pro-abortion politicians who won on election day. The hour is late. Our weapons are the Eucharist and the rosary. Remember John Bosco's Dream. Tie your little boat to these two pillars as you pray for Holy Mother Church who is so besieged and for our shepherds in the United States.

Lord, have mercy on us!
Christ, have mercy on us!
Lord, have mercy on us!
Our Lad of America, pray for us!

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

So: What Happens to Those Who Worship Pachamama? #IamCatholicMaccabees

Fr. Mitch Pacwa shares a chilling personal story of Pachamama idol worship and the destruction of a town in Peru.

And it's sobering to see that a few days after the synod a 4.6 magnitude earthquake hit near Rome. Wake up, folks, especially you pope worshipers who think anyone who questions the Holy Father is an enemy conspirator. The pope is doing a pretty good job of being his own worst enemy. As Scripture says: "To whom much is given, much is expected."

The pope's enemies are those who by their silent acceptance are cooperators in his evil! The pope has ears to tickle just like anyone else. I'm guessing that the reason the earthquake wasn't a lot more devastating is thanks to the courageous young men who removed the idols from the church and threw them in the Tiber. They deserve a great big thanks from all the people of central Italy.

Make Atonement for the Blasphemy of Idol Worship at the Amazon Synod!

Watch the video! That's what the pope and the bishops attending the Amazon Synod should have done when the Pachamama idols were brought on the scene, surrounded, venerated, and actually worshiped by the circle of people including a Franciscan.

Please don't try to explain this away. The body language of lifting up your arms and bowing down to the images of Pachamama and the earth are clearly postures of WORSHIP! How many of you bow down like that to your garden gnome?

Fr. Hugo Valdemar gets it! There are many in the Church who've been promoting this earth worship FOR YEARS. But now it's moved into the holy city itself. Thank you, Fr. Valdemar.

The pope should have acted like the good priest. Instead, he and his group of false ecology-worshiping brethrenis allowed and participated in and approved idol worship by their silence!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Finding the Truth on my Kitchen Counter

I'm surrounded by "hot spots!" In the jargon of the FLY Lady, FLY stands for "Finally Loving Yourself. The FLY Lady helps people, especially hoarders, get out of CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome).

A "hot spot" is a place that accumulates stuff...and more stuff...and more stuff. My hotspots are generally large stacks of paper: books, newspapers (The Remnant, The Wanderer...), magazines (Chronicles, Celebrate Life, The Defender...), newsletters (from the FSSP, the Carmelites of Cody, the Carmelites of Clear Creek Abbey...), advertisements, fast food restaurant coupons, letters and drawings from grandchildren, etc. Every now and then I attack a hot spot. Generally I don't get very far because something invariably catches my eye and I absolutely MUST sit down and read it. At 5:30 this morning I found a gem! I have no idea where it came from or who wrote it, but it is well worth sharing and so I shall.

November 16th Pontifical High Mass in the Extraordinary Rite at the Basilica Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.

Pontifical High Mass celebrated by Archbishop Alexander Sample at the Shrine of the Immaculate
Conception on April 28, 2018 in thanksgiving for Summorum Pontificum.


Join us for a Solemn Pontifical High Mass, which is the first-ever celebration of the Mass of the Americas in Latin celebrated by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone at the Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. Canon Avis is the Master of Ceremonies.
This Solemn Pontifical High Mass is free to attend. However, we ask for those attending to RSVP for planning purposes. Mass will begin at 10 a.m.
Parking is plentiful. The nearest Metro is about a 5-minute walk from Brookland CUA on the Red Line Metro.

Poor Virginia: God Have Mercy on Catholics who Voted for Pro-Abortion Politicians Yesterday!

Democrats win full control of Virginia statehouse

I thank God I don't put my trust in men, because if I did I'd be under the bed sucking my thumb this morning. The godless culture of death won the Virginia statehouse yesterday. And, let's face it, Northern Virginia, Richmond, and the Norfolk/Hampton Roads area are in control of the state. The results don't speak for the people of Virginia, but for the carpetbaggers who flock to the seat of power outside Washington, D.C. and the liberals who populate the cities. My rural county went strongly for the pro-life conservatives. God bless my delegate, Todd Gilbert, who stood up to the evil espoused by Kathy Tran whose bill introduced last season would allow abortion up to the moment of birth. She may reintroduce it now that the death peddlers are running the slaughter house.

Refugee Resettlement Watch: What Don't You Understand about Islamic Infiltration?

America is (or was) a Christian country -- a PROTESTANT Christian country. And that is part of the problem today impacting most government decisions. Because protestantism is the religion of individualism beginning with the firebrand that lit the holocaust, Martin Luther.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Bishop Bransfield's Immoral Shenanigans Keep Coming!

Now, really, don't the articles below make you ask yourself how many other of these immoral bishops and priests are stealing from their dioceses and parishes. I remember when one of my pastors put in a marble fireplace in the rectory. Nothing too good for him. Like the L'Oreal commercia, he "was worth it." He's dead and gone. But, hey, the legacy of his marble fireplace lives on!

As for disinviting Bransfield to the bishops' meeting, I will happily make a list of others who should be deep-sixed starting with Wuerl, Cupich, and any bishop who promotes the homosexual lifestyle by supporting Fr James Martin and other heretics of his ilk. It's high time the good guys formed another group like the orthodox nuns did years ago. Stop meeting with these wolves to scandalize the sheep.

Charleston priest retired over Wheeling bishop's costly renovation to Sacred Heart

USCCB leaders disinvite Bishop Bransfield from fall general assembly

Editorial: Reveal Details about Bransfield

How Do You Distinguish a Good Shepherd from a Bad Shepherd?

The amanita species can kill you quickly.
Discernment isn't an option these days; it's a necessity!

If you knew that a restaurant owner gathered mushrooms from the woods and didn't know anything about which were good to eat and which were poisonous, would you eat in that restaurant?

Suppose you knew that not only did he put poisonous mushrooms in his dishes, but he considered it a game of mushroom roulette to add a little "spice" to the dining experience. His motto might be "Eat, drink and be merry because tomorrow you may die." Hey, maybe he would even offer free meals for those willing to consume his mushroom dishes and see what happened, a life or death adventure.