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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Why Russia Showed Simulations of a Bomb "Sinking Britain" ("and England Nyet!")

                                                                  ...and England nyet!

On April 20th, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia had successfully tested the intercontinental Sarmat missile weighing more than 200 tons. This missile can carry multiple warheads, is able to elude anti-missile defense systems and capable of hitting any target on Earth.

In early May Russian TV showed a simulated video of what a Russian underwater nuclear torpedo could do to Britain and Ireland which is remove them from the face of the earth forever. There merely would be water - just the ocean - where once Britain had existed. "England would be nyet", meaning "no more". Vanished, infinitely disappeared into nonexistence.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Archbishop Cordileone Speaks on Abortion and on Nancy Pelosi. God Bless Him!

Let's all say thank you for Archbishop Corileone's clear presentation of the Catholic faith.

First on Abortion:

And on the Nancy Pelosi letter banning Nancy from Holy Communion in the Archdiocese of San Francisco:

The Streets of Philadelphia, May, 2022

  • Results of 70 years of Democratic rule in Philadelphia
  • This is American "freedom"
  • 40 billion dollars sent to Ukraine this week instead of fixing America
  • Someone should warn illegal immigrants that America isn't the promised land
  • "This is living death"
  • "I swear someone wants this to be happening. Who are these people that let things get this way?"
  • America is a "first world" country
  • For more Philadelphia videos, Kimgary's YouTube channel is HERE

Monday, May 23, 2022

The Homo-Sodo SexPox Found in Sodomites

Acne...or a "man who self-identifies as
having sex with other men"?

Once again "experts" say they cannot for the life of themselves figure this thing out. They say that the monkeypox "has mainly been hitting young men who have sex with other men but that doesn't mean it's being sexually transmitted." That's true because the disease could be transmitted via various other erotic ways.

The lesions associated with monkeypox predominately appear on male genitals belonging to men who "self-identify as having sex with other men". These poxed men who "self-identify as having sex with other men" live predominately in the Collective West - Europe, North America and Australia. 

Saturday, May 21, 2022

A Bishop with the Heart of a Lion

 Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco cares enough about his spiritual daughter, Nancy Pelosi, to ban her from Holy Communion in her home diocese. Nancy has lied for years about what a “devout Catholic” she is while she embraces sins that “cry to heaven for vengeance.” 

Friday, May 20, 2022

Morning Thoughts on Acts of the Apostles

I've been reading Acts of the Apostles most mornings since Easter and it's amazing how relevant it is to 
what's happening in our day. Paul's missionary journeys expose him to much of the same types of controversy boiling over here and now. People don't change. Envy, greed, and the other deadly sins operate today just as they did in Paul's time.

Consider Acts 19. Paul and his associates preach the gospel and the dissent from some elements is so vehement it causes riots! Sound familiar? 

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Threats and Intimidation at her Colleague's Homes? No Comment from Ketanji Jackson!

Recently named Supreme Court justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson,  is already living up to the lower than low expectations she's earned with her dismal judicial record so far. Not only is she the friend of pedophiles, but she allies herself with the violent LEFTIST mobs making threats at the justices homes. When asked about the criminal protests, she responded, "No comment." Of course, she doesn't have to worry about LEFTIST mobs threatening her home. If they come it will be with flowers, welcome flags, and chocolates. Jackson's home is safe, of course, since she is a POL (pawn of THE LEFT). 

Nope! She's a-okay with the mob harassing and threatening Alito, etc. Wow! These justices are supposedly her colleagues. What a way to win friends and influence people, KBJ. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

It's Tuesday: Do You Know Where Your Chickens Are?

The old expression about chickens coming home to roost has particular meaning for me these days since we got nine little chicks about eight weeks ago. Watching them grow has been interesting.  They aren't very good about coming into the coop "to roost." I have to catch them because they still haven't grown accustomed to using the ramp.

But all that aside, chickens do "come home to roost," and plenty of politicians, talking heads and commentators are beginning to see their own "chickens" coming home to roost. At any rate, I hope so!

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Don't Panic in a Crisis, Moms! Make Your Own Formula!

Tyrants thrive on crisis. Remember Alinsky's mantra: "Never let a crisis go to waste." Tyrants create crises deliberately to hasten societal collapse.  Socialists professors and husband/wife team, Cloward and Piven, developed a strategy back in the 1960s to overload the economic system until it collapsed and destroyed capitalism. The husband-wife team, inspired by atheist Saul Alinsky, helped create the atmosphere of violence and intimidation we are living with today. In fact, we are well on the way to living their dystopian dream, which is our nightmare: high inflation, food shortages, violent protests, and even murderous events like the Buffalo shooting and other terrorist attacks.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Collective West, How's That Consecration of Russia Going For You?

I - Politics as the Realm of the Devil

In Modernity on Endless Trial, Polish philosopher Leszek Kolakowski (1927-2009) said: 

The state being the outcome of original sin is at best a necessary evil, and politics, to the extent that it incarnates the sheer struggle for power, “is bound, in Christian terms, to be the realm of the devil by definition".

If the struggle for power within the arena of politics is considered, in Christian terms, to be "the realm of the devil", then the struggle for one's existence and basic human rights, the Moral Law, decency and love, is "the realm of Christ". 

Who then is which? Who operates within these two "realms'? And how does a normal person with no power determine which side to cheer for, to be influenced by, to "join"? As a Catholic, one has to ask, "How is that even a question? Isn't it obvious?"

Apparently not. People vote for politicians who provide sacrifices to "the realm of the devil" by butchering unborn children. People vote for politicians who not only pass corruption of innocent school children into law, but who're degenerates themselves therefore obviously members of "the realm of the devil" freely offering up human blood for Lucifer to lap up in his gleeful hatred of humanity.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Mostly Good News from the Headlines! Guess What; There are Some Good Governors Out There! Praise God!

The bad news: Cardinal Zen was arrested in Hong Kong. He's out on bail but they've taken his passport so he's not free to leave the country. I think we can thank the Vatican for this. Will they do anything now? Or just double down on letting China name Catholic bishops and run roughshod over the underground church. (Source) The Vatican is following the situation "with concern" and "with extreme attention." That should make us all relieved, right?

LOTS OF GOOD NEWS FROM SOME GREAT STATES (Not Maryland, but, hey, even a bad state makes an occasional good decision.)

Alabama doctors stop giving transgender drugs to kids as new ban takes effect 

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Want to See the REAL Threat to the Republic? Hint: It Wasn't the January 6th Protest! It's THE LEFT'S mob politics!

The country that serves Christ the King, receives the blessing of His protection.

THE LEFT is threatening to "shut down" the Supreme Court if they don't get their way. Alito, Thomas, and Barrett all live in Virginia. They are fortunate to be in my state since we have a governor ready to protect them. Maryland governor Larry Hogan joined with Youngkin in signing a letter calling for the Justice department to protect the judges who reside in their respective states. As the protestors left Alito's home they chanted profanities and screamed, "Abort the Court." Concerned citizens need to call for consequences for these insurrectionists.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Need a break from the insane world? Make a date with grandkids!

First Campout of the Season with Two Happy Little Boys!
Shenandoah River State Park - View from the Overlook Trail

We took a quick camping trip on Monday with two of our youngest grandchildren who are five and eight. A lovely park close to home, Shenandoah River State Park, outside Front Royal, VA was the destination. One of the great blessing there? -- no cell or internet service! (Read more at my Grandma blog....)

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The God of Ukraine

In the above clip (the gorgeous) Gerard Butler as Zelensky in The God of Ukraine, says:

"I, Zelensky, shall be your one true king! King of all the Collective West! Behold the fate of all who stand in my way. Bow before me or die. Worship me or be enslaved! From now on you have to buy your way in with riches earned"...or preferably stolen from Russia.

Russia is winning the war on the ground. Ukraine is winning the media war scripted by George Soros, Obama, Clinton, Schwab and Ursula von der Crazy as leaders of the globalist Collective West, one by one, travel to Kiev to bow down and kiss the ring of Zelensky, their new proxy king. 

Mark my words - when Russia wins, the West will claim victory for whatever is left of what will be a rump state of Ukraine - forever in debt to the West, ruined and depleted of their young men. The death and destruction could have been avoided with diplomacy. Russia was willing but the West was not.

The United States and the Collective West don't want peace. They want war. They think they'll win and then Russia will have a favorable regime change for the West to plunder Russia's natural resources for themselves. 

Monday, May 9, 2022

THE LEFT is Outraged: Vandalizing Catholic Churches and Crisis Pregnancy Centers as Well as Threatening the Supreme Court!

Update: Adding more photos of vandalized churches and pregnancy help centers from yesterday's LEFTIST hate crimes. Links and photos at the bottom. The vandalizers are the ones who went out, like Judas, in the dark when "it was night" and they could do their dirty work in cowardly secret. At least the haters who went into church services were willing to risk something (besides their souls) to practice their hate. No one can accuse those LEFTISTS of being lukewarm. Ruth Sent Us are the organized haters. They hate Christ and they hate his tiniest images, the babies in the womb waiting to be born. What a bunch of godless bullies!

But wait a minute! The liberal LEFT are kind and peaceful people who love children! That's why they want to kill them, because they know they would have terrible lives and are better off dead. Leaving friendly message on churches and tearing up crisis pregnancy centers to keep them from helping exploiting women is their way of showing their love. 

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Answering My Delusional Troll Who Appears to Live in THE MATRIX

Well, I guess I'm going to address a troll, but, since I promised I would never post another 
one of Mary the Troll's comments, I'm not putting it in the comment section. That would link to her blog. I'm not sending anyone there. Commenting on the Intimidation Politics post, Mary the Troll exposed herself as totally delusional and clearly demonstrated that she is a willing enabler of THE LEFT'S violence. Here's what she wrote:

Ya Just Gotta Love the Babylon Bee! Check out this video on the Ministry of Truth at the Department of Homeland Security

Sad to say, we are all living in a dystopian novel these days. In fact, we are living in an entire library of dystopian novels. The Bee's video spoofs Orwell's 1984 where everyone must embrace the lies of Big Brother. We have an entire administration of Big Brothers promoting and enforcing the lie through Big Media censorship.

Friday, May 6, 2022

Intimidation Politics and Democrat Thuggery

If anyone needed to see the level of fascist thuggery exercised by the left, they had only to watch the response to the leaked draft of the Supreme Court's decision overturning Roe v. Wade. Both sides demonstrated at the Supreme Court, but the leftist thugs attacked their opponents physically, shouting obscenities and even following them as they left the site. Riots also erupted in L.A., Portland and other liberal cities. Now there are threats of Catholic church invasions this Sunday. Many liberal talking heads are trying to turn the leaker into a courageous hero rather than a leftist undermining the neutrality of the Supreme Court who obviously intended to spark outrage in order to intimidate justices into changing their position.

Remember Chuck Schumer threatening the judges. No accusation of insurrection against that liberal thug! "You won't know what hit you!" I believe he also said "We're coming for you." And these leftists mean what they say. Just look what they did burning our cities. This is their m.o. They shout down those who disagree with them and threaten physical violence. The left are barbarians who will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals and force them on the body politic. To call it "intimidation politics" is mild. 

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Vaccine True Believers: Go Figure!

I have a number of friends who are COVID true believers. They accept without reservation that the COVID gene therapy jab, mislabeled as a vaccine, is effective and necessary and even should be mandatory. One friend told me those who don't get jabbed are "irresponsible." I think he knew I was one of those people, but we are both old and subject to senior moments, so maybe he forgot. I reminded him and said, "You know I check things out carefully. I disagree with you. I had COVID and have natural immunity. I've taken care of two groups of COVID victims without getting sick again." So he reminded me that there are variants. I didn't respond to that. It gets tiresome. I'm not a guinea pig and I'm not playing the medical roulette game being run by quack-in-chief Anthony Fauci.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Thoughts on a Drizzly Wednesday Morning

  • I transplanted some day lilies yesterday so I welcome today's soft rain that will help their roots set -- makes me think of grace that helps the "roots" of our spiritual resolutions set.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

History Repeats Itself! Read Medical Science Under Dictatorship to Understand the Fauci Agenda

Knowledge of history helps people understand the present and avoid the mistakes of the past. When will we learn that? If you are ignorant of history, you will be taken in by all the latest brainless schemes and shell games. Let's take a look at an important paper published in 1949 that is as relevant today as if it appeared in the morning paper, Medical Science Under Dictatorship by Dr. Leo Alexander.

Dr. Alexander was a psychiatrist and the chief medical officer advising the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials after World War II who contributed to the Nuremberg Code of ethics. He was particularly concerned about the failure of the medical establishment to protect the vulnerable members of society and studied why that happened. From the very first paragraph of his paper, it's clear that we in the United States and the global community are experiencing the same things that happened in Germany under the Third Reich. Only we are seeing the atrocities applied globally!

Monday, May 2, 2022

Wokeness, Wokeness Everywhere and Not a Brain in Sight!

My husband and I took a grandson student at James Madison University (JMU) out for brunch  yesterday. It is always a delight to be one on one with a grandchild, especially one on the cusp of independent adulthood. We enjoy every minute of those get-togethers and our conversation about what they are doing and what they hope to do in the future.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

How Are Your Foraging Skills? Will It Come To That?

With Food Prices and Shortages Possible in the Future, I'm Practicing Foraging

Dandelions! Yes they are dandy and edible as long as you don't use weed killer in your yard. We've never put anything on our property in 20 years! So today I decided to go foraging in my abundant dandelion crop. Everything about the dandelion is edible: the flowers, the leaves, even the roots. You can read about eating dandelions here. Read more....

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Disinformation Board Censors Speech in First Century Jerusalem

Peter and John cure the cripple at the gate, by Nicholas Poussin 1655

If you want to correctly interpret the madness of our own time, you can often find similar situations in the Bible. That's exactly what I found yesterday morning when I was reading Chapter 4 of Acts of the Apostles. Really! The more things change the more they stay the same. The "banality of evil" marches to the same drum in every generation. Liars lie. Minions of Satan engage in strategizing to keep themselves in power and annihilate their competition. That's exactly what happened in the first century: truth debunked as "disinformation," unpopular speech censored and forbidden. The competition labeled as insurrectionists troublemakers who must be forced to shut up or face persecution.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Biden Reich House Arms Militant Nationalists, White Supremacists and Nazis

The Biden Reich House believes these are
brave Ukrainian Nazi Azov boys fighting for freedom

Ideologue liberals live a misty fog-brained existence where nothing makes coherent sense to those of us living in the real world with the ability to see the evil plans ideologues have concocted for us. It would all be hilarious if the ideologues weren't the same people in control of our government, schools, universities, health care systems - and the Catholic Church - and therefore our lives in general. Plus there's the Lucifer Factor - that being the obvious evil embedded within ideologue minds whipping up confusion among the populace to form mob thought control.

One must carve through thick walls of lies and half truths, propaganda and distortions, deceptions, deceit and dishonesty in everything today in order to emerge on the other side able to see at least a resemblance of truth somewhere. Just mention the word Ukraine or Russia and see the visceral vitriol cast one's way when merely hinting that quite likely the media is leading the West down the path of error exactly as they did with their Covid-hype and see anger and confusion on people's faces. "How could you? Putin is evil. He's a KGB agent (no, he was a lawyer paper pusher), Russia is the aggressor, and there are no Nazis in Ukraine! The Nazi movement died after WWII with Hitler!"

It Really is a Death Vax! How many more will drop dead?

Epidemic: German and Austrian Mayors Under 60 Are 'Suddenly and Unexpectedly' Dropping Dead

Thanks to Dr. Mercola for the the links to these articles:

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

What Do You Think? Does Anyone Really Believe We Are Getting the True Story about the Russia/Ukraine War?

That the war in the Ukraine continues is a tragedy. That we are funneling billions of taxpayer dollars into it while people here in the U.S. suffer is immoral. Did Biden care a hoot when the Ukraine government killed 14,000 civilians in the Donbas region of the Ukraine over the past eight years? And why should we care about the Ukraine's border invasion by Russia when our own border invasion by the world doesn't matter? Where is the money gushing into Ukraine really going? Is this one more opportunity for Joe and Hunter to get Ukraine kickbacks? Where will all the weapons end up? In the hands of terrorists who hate us? Really, folks, are you so gullible you believe CNN's version of what's happening? They are as reliable as Joseph Goebbels ministry of disinformation. So what about this? True? False? 

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Acts of the Apostles Reminds Us That God Always Brings Good from Evil

Martyrdom of St. James
I generally read Acts of the Apostles during the Easter Season. How that book impresses one with God's Providence. No matter what persecution falls on the heads of the apostles and disciples of Christ, good comes from it. 

  • The persecution of the Christians in Jerusalem, particularly after the execution of James by Herod (about 15 years after the resurrection), sends Christian disciples all over the known world spreading the gospel. The blood of the martyrs is, indeed, the seedbed of the faith.
  • As the early martyrs go singing to their deaths, the faith spreads not only among those already oriented toward faith, but to their persecutors converted by their amazing witness. 
  • The destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. accelerates the exodus and sends believers out en masse to evangelize the known world. What looked like an unmitigated disaster becomes an important means of spreading the faith.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Of the Latest Attack by a Black Racist, the USCCB on Racism, and Bigotry in General: Let's Just Stop It!

This video shows the vicious attack by an Antifa mob against journalist Andy Gno  in Portland, OR in 2019. Gno was also attacked by Antifa in 2021. The video below is an example of bigotry of belief. Antifa claims to be "anti-fascist" as they use violence and hatred against those who oppose their ideas. They are themselves fascists! Not all bigotry is racist but all racism is bigotry.

I'm going to focus primarily on racism in this post.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Prepare for Spiritual Warfare to Engage the Enemy

Editor's note: This article appeared in the winter issue of the Les Femmes newsletter which will be posted soon on the Les Femmes website where all the past issues are archived. If you like this, check out the website.

We fight under the standard of Christ the King!
Painting credit: Peace is Coming by John McNaughton

We are born for a great enterprise – the monumental conflict between the forces of good under the banner of Jesus Christ versus the forces of evil under the prince of this world. Every person on earth was delivered on the battlefield. Recognition of that fact is impressed on Catholics from the earliest moments of life. On our baptism day the priest anointed us as soldiers committed to fight in the Church Militant. Later, confirmation confirmed our duty and gave us the strength to persevere. The sacraments initiate us into the battle and give us the weapons we need to fight. Our demonic enemies, vicious and powerful, are a lot smarter than we are. So unless we put on the armor of God, make use of the weapons of spiritual warfare, and embrace the battle strategy of our generals we are no match for the evil power of the bad angels. 

Friday, April 22, 2022

Looking Back and Looking Forward: Living in Times of Religious Crisis is Nothing New!

Out of curiosity yesterday I pulled out my old high school religion book, The Way, the Truth, and the Life and began reading. It was published in 1956 and was first in a series for high school students. In the first chapter I read this about the Jewish faith in the era of Pax Romana:

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Laugh! Steve Skojec is an "Empath."

I used to read Steve Skojec and liked his articles until I noticed how vitriolic and nasty he could be to people who disagreed with him. I don't mean people who engaged in tirades and ad hominem attacks; I mean people who just politely disagreed and tried to engage in Socratic dialogue. 

Nope! He would have none of it! If you don't love everything I say, you hate me!

He blocked a friend of mine for an innocuous comment. "Well," I thought, "Here's a man who is totally full of himself. Time to move on." So I stopped reading and did, in fact, move on, leaving OnePeterFive off my daily visit list. Now that Skojec no longer runs the site, I visit again.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Ukrainian Nazis and the Collective West Partner on the Path to Nuclear War

The Collective West and Zelensky's most fervent wish

Zelensky was just quoted as saying, "Don't fear nuclear war. Just be ready for it." In this article I will henceforth call Zelensky, "Elensky" since the letter "Z" has been deemed illegal in Ukraine. I will do this since I don't want the Ukrainian Nazi Azov troops to ask the FBI to disappear me - not that I'm important enough to have anyone do that, but like Elensky said, I need to "be ready for it". 

By now the world should see that after WWII the bacilli of Nazism wafted eastward in the air and settled in the west of Ukraine, embedding itself in the Ukrainian Azov troops who use the Swastika as their insignia while they brutalize eastern Ukrainian Russian civilians with rape, torture or just shooting them on sight. What with all the hoopla about the Capitol "rioters" being evil Nazi type right-wingers one would think that the Left would be able to recognize real Nazis, but apparently not. The Left, that is, the Collective West (USA, EU and Australia) who hates itself and its former Christian civilization, loves Nazism. One can see true love blooming in the Collective West's falling all over itself with little red meme hearts flowing from the breasts of Western leaders calling for nuclear WWIII.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Barbarism on Steroids: California and Maryland May Join Colorado's Most Evil States Status

With the Reproductive Health Equity Act, an oxymoron if there ever was one, Colorado solidified access to abortion through all nine months of pregnancy for any reason or no reason. They also stipulated that no matter what the federal government does, abortion will still be the state sacrament. We all know abortion has absolutely nothing to do with reproductive (or any other) health. It certainly isn't healthy for the baby and takes a horrible toll on a woman's health with a higher risk of cancer, cervical incompetence, hemorrhage, and even death. As for equity, there's certainly none of that for the baby who is treated like a piece of property just like Dread Scott was in the famous slavery case.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Parents, Protect Your Children from Abuse!

There's been a lot in the news lately about the abuse of children through brainwashing in the classroom. It's hard to believe what some of the pierced, purple and pink haired, tattooed teachers are doing to little innocent children. Believe it! I suspect many of them are possessed and the devil hates innocence above all things! We are way past the time for abuse to be treated by going to the superiors of the abusers or the abusers themselves. We've seen too often how badly that turns out.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Have a Blessed Easter Sunday! Christ is Risen, Alleluia!

"I am the Resurrection and the Life. Whoever believes in Me will never die!" Lord, by Your Resurrection, increase our faith!

Albrecht Durerer (1471-1528)

Thursday, April 14, 2022

The Eleventh Station: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

Albrecht Durer (circa 1500)

After all the agony of the preceding night and the long journey on the Via Dolorosa to Mount Clavary, the Skull Place, Jesus begins the final chapter. Jesus suffers every inhumanity man can inflict on a person. He has experienced in His soul, every sin every committed and suffered for them in the Garden. May we repent in tears our active participation in the cruelty inflicted in our gracious Lord. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The Tenth Station: Jesus is Stripped of His Garments

James Tissot (1836-1902)

Jesus had nowhere to lay his head in life; he goes to his death with nothing except the scorn and hatred of his enemies and the betrayal of most of his friends. Only Mary and a few of the women and St. John were there to be with Him at the foot of the cross. O Jesus, through the intercession of Your Immaculate Mother, give me the grace never to betray You again.


Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Ninth Station: Jesus Falls the Third Time

Ilya Ovcharenko

How exhausted our Savior must have been leading Him to fall once again under the weight of the cross. When I am exhausted and discouraged, Lord, help me to unite my trials to Yours and help You to carry the cross.

Monday, April 11, 2022

The Eighth Station: Jesus Meets the Weeping Women of Jerusalem

Josef Piens Cooreman from St. Peter's Church in Gent, Belgium

The women brought their children to Jesus in happier days. Now they weep for Him as He warns them of the coming suffering in the dry wood. We are living those days in our time. Let us teach our children and grandchildren to imitate St. Francisco of Fatima and console the hidden Jesus. 

Sunday, April 10, 2022

The Seventh Station: Jesus Falls the Second Time

Giandomenico Tiepolo - 1772

When we fall into sin, let us immediately recall the suffering of Christ for us and for our salvation, repent, and hurry to Confession and make reparation.

Saturday, April 9, 2022

The Sixth Station: Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

Paul Delaroche 1797-1856

 We are called to become the image of Christ to the world. Let us worship before His Holy Face.

Friday, April 8, 2022

The Fifth Station: Simon Helps Jesus to Carry the Cross

Tiziano Vecellio, c. 1488/90 - 1576 (Titian)

Is Jesus asking you to help Him carry His cross by carrying your own?

Monday, April 4, 2022

Passiontide Silence: No Articles Until Easter....The First Station: Jesus is Condemned to Death

 ....I've decided to go silent for the next two weeks and focus on the passion in silent prayer and meditation. I will be posting no articles and seriously limiting my presence on the internet. I will only be posting a Station for each day beginning today with the the first station, Jesus is Condemned to Death. I urge all our faithful readers to limit internet and social media use and instead focus on Scripture Reading, Meditation, Silent reflection, and prayer -- especially for those who persecute you. Let us unite ourselves to Christ whose Kingship is so hidden during the Passion. That's what I will be doing. May God draw us all closer to His Sacred Heart during these final two weeks leading up to the Easter Triduum and the celebration of the Resurrection, Christ's victory over sin and death. May Jesus Christ be praised!

The First Station: Jesus is Condemned to Death

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Church Militant is in Full Court Press Shilling for their Holy Week "Retreat" in Texas!

Traditional Latin Mass at Mater Dei Catholic Parish in Dallas suburb of Irving. Why would anyone go to Easter Mass at a hotel when they can attend the Mass of the ages nearby?

Every day it's a new ad, and a new email from Church Militant TV for the Michael Voris Holy Week Show at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Dallas. For only $1250 (double occupancy) + travel expenses, you too can listen to almost a dozen talks by Michael Voris and, as a bonus, a couple of Q & A sessions too. Wow!

Just think! Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday at a hotel. 

But hurry, hurry, hurry...they have "limited space" and if you don't immediately slap down your bucks, there may be no room at the inn. (Oops! Wrong feast day.)

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Friday, April 1, 2022

Ukraine: Story of a Marriage Gone Sour

I found the following explanation on Postcards from Paris & Elsewhere

"Recently, I read this interpretation of what might have caused the present problems in the Ukraine, somewhere on the internet. I have lost the source to this story but have the feeling that it was not in the mainstream media, since it obviously does not follow the official, uno-voce narrative colported by the West. All things considered though, I think it's not a bad explanation."

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Family: A Gift from God!

I really do have a life besides this blog and I share some of it on my Grandma blog, The View from Camp Kreitzer.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Never Forget the Murdered Victims of Our Euthanasia Culture

Terri always responded to her mom.
I wrote the piece below in 2003 during the drawn out court battle trying to save Terri Schiavo
. Two years later, her family lost the fight and she was starved and dehydrated to death dying on March 31, 2005. Her murder followed that of Hugh Finn and many others sacrificed on Moloch's altar. They have been joined since then by tens of thousands of others only a few of whom make the news like baby Alfie Evans

Bobby Schindler, Terri's brother, has an article here in memory of his sister. Let us never forget and let us never stop fighting for the right to life of the innocent from the first day of conception until natural death. Our Lady of Life, pray for us.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Fr. Arrupe and Rev. Henry Kane: Birds of a Feather!

Is it just me? Or does the destroyer of the Jesuit order, Fr. Pedro Arrupe, remind you of the villain in the Poltergeist series, Reverend Henry Kane? Arrupe is renowned for relaxing the "rigidity" of the order. And now there's talk of canonizing the man. God help us when single-handed faith-wrecking machines are considered fit models for the faithful!

Fr. Pedro Arrupe, wrecker of the Jesuits

Rev. Henry Kane, the devil's right-hand man


Monday, March 28, 2022

Going Out Like a Lion: The Predictable Repeated Attacks on the SSPX by Church Militant!

Surprise! Surprise! Church Militant is coming out with another hit piece on the SSPX. It's become their M.O. so no one should be surprised. I know nothing at this point about the piece except that I watched the promo. It's scheduled to air on March 31st and crackerjack investigator, Christine Niles, introduces it with the title "Black Trads Matter." Note the snide ridicule. Always, always, those of us devoted to the traditional Latin Mass are described and dismissed as "trads." That is a typical propaganda tool and one of Alinsky's rules for radicals. You freeze the opponent and then ridicule him. It's a tactic well known throughout history. Think of the terms kike, mackeral-eater, spic, cracker, nigger, gook, cockroach, etc. ad nauseum. CM is expert at that particular propaganda tool when it comes to labelling orthodox Catholics who attend the Latin Mass. Check out this brief description from Propaganda 101:

Sooner or Later the Truth Comes Out: COVID Deaths were Exaggerated for Political Purposes....

....And now they are being corrected also for political purposes. As Dr. Mercola points out, "Democrats know they cannot win in the midterms unless they declare victory over COVID-19."

Yup! Read the abstract and then the whole article. We've been played from the beginning, folks. Liberalism is the real plague and it continues among us. 

Abstract from Dr. Mercola's website:
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and individual states are now backtracking on their COVID death statistics, showing those of us who claimed deaths were being overcounted were right all along.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Bad News and Good News: Although Learning about Bad News is Ultimately Good News!

Good news? Bad news? Give it all to the Lord in prayer!
All God's creatures remind us how much we need prayer!

First the bad news - although when bad news is exposed it's good news for those searching for the truth:

 BOMBSHELL REPORT: Hunter Biden Emails Show He Secured Funds for Biolabs in Ukraine

  •  Here are the details, and remember also that then-Vice President Joe Biden was in charge of relations with Ukraine at the time all of this was happening:

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Thoughts on Turning 75! The Diamond Year!

celebrating with six of my granddaughters and my daughter, the photographer

Today is my birthday. My parents named me Mary after Our Lady's feast day yesterday for which I'm deeply thankful. And now, here I am, celebrating my birthday for the 76th time as I journey on toward the final goal. What comes to mind as I reflect on the past, the present, and the future?

Friday, March 25, 2022

Archbishop Vigano Responds to Weigel the Warmonger

Following up on my post about George Weigel's ugly attack on Archbishop Vigano, I offer this response to Weigel from the archbishop himself. As usual Archbishop Vigano is the voice of reason answering the spurious below-the-belt assaults from two men he apparently considered friends. Betrayal and again, betrayal! What an appropriate time for that to take place, eh? Jesus was betrayed and betrayed and betrayed! How painful it is when "friends" are the source of stab wounds. "Et tu, Roberto? Et tu, George?"

I'm printing the archbishop's response in full with my comments in red. Pray for Holy Mother Church. She has so few defenders these days. I have never liked neo-conservative warmonger George Weigel and never trusted him, but I did respect Roberto de Mattei and appreciated his book, Apologia for Tradition.

THE UNCROSSABLE RED LINE: Viganò Responds to George Weigel at First Things 

Written by  

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Guest Post: Fascism and the "Progressive" Left by Fr. William Aitcheson

Today's "progressives" embrace the same old fascism of Hitler and Mussolini!

Editor's Note: Because Fr. Aitcheson is addressing so many historical issues with which many of us are unfamiliar, I'm adding some additional information in red. To understand current events, it helps to know the history that precedes them. The present moment doesn't occur in isolation from the past, and what happens today affects tomorrow as Susan pointed out so eloquently in yesterday's post. Study history because it repeats itself and, as George Santayana so famously said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." He also said, "A country without a memory is a country of madmen." Aren't we living that reality today?

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Ukraine's President Zelensky Plays the Piano With His Penis

I have no words of wisdom here except that this is what the pathetic world of politics has come to, so if you don't mind, I'll just call him President Piano Playing Penis, or PPPP or 4P. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Anastasia Romanov, Sr Lucy, Franco, Putin and the Consecration

My question is this: Who will be appointed to tell us if the Consecration that Francis is going to do on March 25 was accepted by Heaven? When John Paul II did the Consecration on March 25, 1984, Sister Lucy said on November 8, 1989, that the Consecration had been accepted by Heaven, yet no one but the Blue Army believed her. Please don't say that the answer to my question will be what happens with Russia afterwards, because spectacular things happened to Russia after the 1984 Consecration including the breakup of the Soviet Union and the fall of Communism in 1989. Additionally nuclear war was averted (that same nuclear war that the current leftist global elites, Obama, Soros, Biden, Trudeau, Macron, Klaus Schwab, Hilary Clinton, Zelensky, etc., seem to so eagerly want now) but no one wanted to believe any of that had anything to do with the 1984 Consecration.

This is a story about the world not believing what is before everyone's eyes. The following 4 people on the world stage were disbelieved by the powers that be. What would have happened if they had been believed? 

I - Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna (Romanov) of Russia - June 1, 1901 - February 12, 1984
Everyone knows the story of the Communist left murdering the Romanov family in the basement of the Ipatiev House in Ekaterinburg, Russia, on July 17, 1918, one year after Our Lady of Fatima appeared to Lucy dos Santos and Francisco and Jacinta Marto. The world wants to believe the narrative that all of Russia's royal family died that night, their bodies tossed down a mine shaft and burned to ash.

An Interesting Post from Mundabor on "Ukraine: Seven Lies Exposed"

You don't have to be pro-Putin to realize we are getting plenty of propaganda from both sides. Hello! That's what happens in war. Both sides want to make demons out of the enemy and justify any atrocity committed against them. Can we have a little balance? I think the invasion was morally unjustifiable. At the same time, being invaded doesn't make a leader either a hero or a saint. Zelensky is neither. As a matter of fact, I think he is a creation of the elites like AOC, a puppet for the globalists. They don't care about either the people of Ukraine or the people of Russia. They care about money and power. Check out Mundabor's blog. I'm running the first two lies and linking to his blog for the rest.

Ukraine: Seven Lies Exposed

Monday, March 21, 2022

Time Out for a Sweet Reminder -- Rejoice and Bee Happy!

Jesus ran out of his shoes seeking
consolation from Mary as He
saw the instruments of the passion.
St. Paul tells us to "Rejoice in the Lord always." So even in these troubled times, we can turn our minds and hearts to Jesus and rejoice in His love for us. And what a great God who gives us a tender Mother to whom we can always run for consolation, just like Jesus did! 

Being the first day of spring, my thoughts are engaged with Spring "work." Among the most exciting projects to me is going to the bee yard and checking on the girls.

All three hives made it through the winter and we expect to multiply three into six. We did our first inspection about two weeks ago and all was well in the three little kingdoms which are filled with busy bees already bringing in pollen and nectar. You can read about it if you're interested at my grandma blog.

We've been beekeeping now for eight years and it's been quite an adventure. We expanded to six hives at one point and were knocked back by a bear visitation during holy week which forced us to spend Holy Thursday putting up an electric fence. Once a bear finds the "candy store," he'll always be back for more. So up went the fence. 

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Truth: It's In the Cryptic Quote from Sir Robert Peel

I'm not familiar with British politics, but, after working out a cryptic quote today by Sir Robert Peel, I looked up his biography. Peel founded the Metropolitan police force in London in 1829 when he was Home Secretary because the crime rate in the city was out of control. His philosophy was that the police were the public and the public were the police. In other words, the citizens have a duty to protect their own communities. The "peelers" or "bobbies" were paid about the same as day laborers to emphasize they were not above ordinary citizens. (I don't think it takes much imagination to figure out what Peel would have thought about Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs.)

Sodomites, Lezzies and Trannies - Stop Sinning to Stop Wars

Disobedience to God and His Commandments results in wars as punishment and chastisement to sinful man. Today mankind is so thoroughly disobedient that attraction to the opposite sex is not spoken of by the woke elite, and actually saying that marriage is between a man and a woman is forbidden. 

Therefore, here I am once again, telling the truth as only a non-woke person can, so sodomites, lesbians and trannies of all kinds, listen up. Notice in each video below the high amount of attraction and chemistry between the man and the woman. While Antonio Banderas and his dancing partner (from the movie Take the Lead) have a sort of steamy attraction and look as if they'll jump into bed directly after tangoing, Prince Charming and Cinderella's attraction for each other is more innocent yet no less passionate. That's the way it's supposed to be. Attraction to the opposite sex. Man, woman. Male, female.

Why on earth I or anyone else have to spell out that opposite sexes are supposed to be attracted to one another boggles the mind. Therefore, do your part for world peace and to stop wars by doing what God intended you to do from the beginning when He made Adam and Eve. Stop sinning to stop wars.

Friday, March 18, 2022

Sorry, George, You Got it Wrong and Archbishop Vigano Got It Right!

The wise and wonderful Weigel!

The other day George Weigel wrote an attack piece on Archbishop Vigano that included a number of bullet points about the "manifestly false claims" Vigano made in his recent letter about the war in Ukraine. Weigel labeled Vigano a conspiracy nut comparable to Col. Grace-Groundling Marchpole, a character in an Evelyn Waugh novel.'s an effective strategy as Saul Alinsky pointed out in his Rules for Radicals. Even I use it occasionally when things are too ridiculous to treat seriously and the ponderously pontificating need a little prick to their puffed up pomposity. (I know, I know ridiculous alliteration!)

To the Globalist Elite Masters of War

By replacing the images of Republicans in this video with the current Democrat and EU Puppetmasters - (Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Trudeau, Macron, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Hilary Clinton, Ursula von der Leyen, and Zelensky their Puppet - every single one of them Globalist elites) we'll better understand who the warmongers are screeching for WWIII. Liberal hippies of the past pretended to be peaceful, They're now the same liberals planning WWIII where millions of people will be slaughtered. 

Meanwhile keep in mind that it's against Ukraine's law for Russian citizens in the Russian half of Ukraine (territories east of the Dnieper River) to speak their native language. Also know that 8 years ago the Ukrainian government cemented up the freshwater canal leading down to the Crimea so that the Russian people there were rationed water, crops could not be grown and the land was dried and cracked. In addition, for years Azov regiments - Ukraine's far right neo-Nazi troops - have been waging war against Russians in Eastern Ukraine, killing as many as 14,000 Russian men women and children.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Eric Sammons Gives a Balanced View of What We're Seeing in Ukraine! "Be Willing to Question the Dominant Narrative!"

Note his commentary that if you say anything against the "dominant narrative" you get attacked with vicious rhetoric. It happened with COVID and it's happening now with the war in the Ukraine. If you dare to challenge "any point of the narrative" you "must be on the other side." you must be in Putin's pocket. You can be 100% against the invasion, it doesn't matter. If you dare to deviate 1% from the dominant narrative, you're evil.