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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Right to Choose --- to Eat What You Want!

Mad Moms to Food Police: We'll Eat What We Want

I have some questions:

How come a woman has the right to choose an abortion for no medical reason at all despite the fact it kills her baby and can endanger her life as well; and how come homosexuals have the right to choose to engage in perverted practices that transmit STDs including the deadly AIDS virus; and how come people have the right to choose to make or buy pornography that exploits women and puts them in extreme danger of abuse and even murder?

BUT....the state can ban the right to choose to buy food directly from a farmer or a coop?

It can't really about safety and the common good, because abortion and homosexual practices are a lot more dangerous than drinking raw milk or buying eggs directly from a farmer.  My husband and I have been drinking raw milk ever since we moved to the Valley in 2002. We buy free range eggs from a local farmer. We get our grass fed beef from a Mennonite family that don't load them with hormones and feed them genetically modified corn. And we've never been healthier. So butt out, Big Brother, we'll eat what we want!


Anonymous said...


Ray Schneider said...

"Vee know Vut Is Beest fur you!" Der Fuhrur hast gesprechen ... Go to the showers and breath deeply.

The government can't do anything right whether it is insisting you put explosive devices in your cars that kill your children to telling you not to pack "unhealthy" lunches for your children. Their definition of unhealthy is highly questionable.

I think they should just butt-out.

Phil said...

The other quick way our government is killing us, besides abortion is approving toxic food and water for us to eat and drink.

They have terrorized farmers who want to provide raw milk. By the way, 95% of all farmers drink their milk raw.

It is sad that I cannot even buy freshly juiced apples, because even that has to be pasteurized.

Lastly, this is another reason why I will not vote for Romney. He could care less about what the FDA or USDA do or don't do.

Can we actually have a government that leaves us to consume the foods we want?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely, but also know that my friend's stillbirth was caused by listeria and so will only drink pasteurized stuff myself. I think adults should be able to make these decisions for themselves, including gay marriage.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You're comparing apples and oranges. What is the nature of marriage? What is its purpose in society? Why is it the basic building block of any culture?

Two same-sex people can't contract a marriage which is the union of two people for the purpose of becoming one in love and procreating and educating children. No doubt two people of the same sex can care deeply for each other -- it's called friendship. But an erotic relationship is disordered. It can't be consummated except by perverted acts that pretend parts of the body designed for excreting waste are the same as the vagina. Erotic "gay" relationships are all about living in a make-believe world.

It's particularly evident and extreme in transgender relationships where someone who wants to pretend to be the opposite sex mutilates his/her body to match the virtual image and then cohabits or "marries" a person who is biologically the same sex while pretending it is a heterosexual relationship. Chastity Bono comes to mind. It is particularly sad to me because I think it shows the deep longing for the right order in relationships.

There is nothing gay about the gay lifestyle. It is sad, and the amount of alcohol and drug abuse, suicide, and domestic violence in gay relationships illustrates their disorder better than words do.