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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bishop Tobin Refuses to Join the Hallelujah Mandela Chorus

Catholic Bishop Slams Nelson Mandela’s Legalizing Unlimited Abortion as “Shameful”

It's high time the descendants of the apostles stopped paying human respect to the rich and powerful of the world and spoke the truth:
One unrepented mortal sin is enough to send a soul to hell for all eternity. 
When you think of the blood on the hands of so many of the "great ones" worshiped by the world, you wonder what will happen to them on Judgment Day. It is not a good sign to be held up as an icon of this world. Remember, its prince is Satan himself. 

Pray for Nelson Mandela and all those who are in danger of dying in mortal sin. 

Lord Jesus, please send the dying soul today who is closest to damnation the grace of repentance. I offer my rosary as a channel of grace to inspire tears of sorrow for his or her sins. Please don't let that poor soul be lost. Mary, Mother of sinners, please intercede for that endangered soul and save him or her from the fires of hell.  Amen.

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