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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chinese Meta-analysis Confirms Abortion - Breast Cancer Link

Mainstream media in the U.S. continues to turn a blind eye to the increasing body of data that confirms a massive increase in breast cancer linked to abortion. The latest data comes out of China, a country where many women (on average, 8.2 million every year) have aborted, even experienced forced abortion, because of China's one-child policy. The Chinese report examined 36 studies and found that one abortion increased a woman's risk by 44%, two increased it by 76% and three increased it by 89%.

You would think such a blockbuster report would find its way into the U.S. press, but, googling China study and breast cancer link uncovered not a single U.S. mainstream media in the first 15 pages of hits. (That's when I quit looking.) Add New York Times to the search = zip, nada, nothing. Washington Post -- ditto. Boston Globe, L.A. Times, and Chicago Tribune --- the same. Ho-hum, nothing here to report --- not when it casts a shadow on the liberal sacrament of abortion. Keep women barefoot, ignorant, and un-pregnant.

So where is the abortion megalith's dirty secret being exposed? The usual: pro-life organizations, alternative website news, and individual bloggers. Once again, the mainstream media gets A+ for assisting liberal friends like NARAL and Planned Parenthood, and a big fat F for failing to report an inconvenient truth that conflicts with their liberal agenda. Down the memory hole. Women don't need to know the truth and predatory men don't want to know it.

Isn't it interesting that a communist nation with every reason to hide the abortion/breast cancer link because of its forced abortion policy is more honest than our supposedly open and free society with a "free press" that easily rivals Joseph Goebbels' propaganda machine and Russia's Communist mouthpiece, Pravda.

But "truth will out" as Shakespeare said and the cover-up can last only so long. Please pass on this information to everyone you know. Perhaps you'll spare a young abortion-minded woman (through physical self-interest) not only the tragedy of killing her baby but endangering her own life and future.

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