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Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Sonnet for Pope Francis on His Anniversary

I was recently visiting a website inviting poems to celebrate Pope Francis' first anniversary. There were several limericks and a haiku, but I decided to write a sonnet. So here it is, slightly different from what I left at The Catholic Review:
Two unique pope for our time

A Sonnet for Pope Francis

To Peter's chair he came, a big surprise
With love for Lady Poverty his mark, 
Refusing pomp and trappings, he abides
In simple rooms outside the papal park.

St. Peter's has not seen his like before,
Although that could be said of every pope.
Each is unique in place and time, what's more,
Each offers to his age the gift of hope.

Pope Francis is God's gift for these hard days
When mankind seems intent on suicide.
He tells us to be brave, embracing ways
That call to all to rush to Jesus' side.

We cannot know the day or know the hour,
But we can till the garden for faith's flower.

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