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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Justina Still a Captive of Boston DCF

On Tuesday, Judge Johnston once again refused to return Justina Pelletier to her family and berated her parents for their hostility and for taking the case to the public. (What would YOU do if Justina was your daughter?) It appears that if they can, DCF, with the cooperation of this evil judge, will hold this child until she is either 18-years-old or until, a real danger, they kill her. Look at the difference in the photos of this child before and after her kidnapping by Boston Children's Hospital and DCF.

Justina's sister, after a recent visit, said she has never seen her sister look so sick. Her legs were swollen and she could not feel her feet. This is very rapidly becoming a medical crisis for this poor girl who has been deprived of her family, has received NO schooling under DCF, and has been refused visits from priests and denied religious services. What permanent damage is being done by this rogue judge (who had the gall to confirm in his statement the medical diagnose that her illness is pyschosomatic. What medical expertise does he have?) and an out-of-control government. Listen to an update from Liberty Council here and please donate to free Justina.

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