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Friday, October 2, 2015

Good Grief: Vatican Acting Like Politicians Exercising Damage Control over Kim Davis Meeting

Vatican Distances Pope from Kim Davis

I'm more inclined to believe Matt Staver, Kim Davis' lawyer, than the Vatican spokesmen who regularly show they are typical media types willing to spin the news. So they imply Davis was just part of a group -- Hey the pope couldn't possibly know what he was doing. But Matt Staver says Kim and her husband were the only ones in the room with the pope besides security and Vatican personnel. Sure sounds like a private audience to me!

But hey, we can't upset the homosexual activists -- especially before the synod when all the homosexual friendly bishops hope to give the impression that sodomy is a gift to the Church and homosexual relationships are pretty much the same as marriage.

Good grief and God help us!


The Motley Monk said...

Truly embarrassing. Never thought the Vatican would need a spin machine.

Anonymous said...

Very disappointing. I'm not blaming the Pope so much (however, I do feel he should correct such a statement), but those officials should truly be ashamed of themselves. I can only hope and pray this is not a sign of worse things to come, with regard to the Synod.


Anonymous said...

You just noticed MaryAnn?

Read about the hx Polish priest ( with a long time partner) who worked for the CDF and who came out with a list of demands yesterday. Today he was fired, BUT fr Lombardi's statement seems to only apply to his public declaration and not his lifestyle which you can bet many in the Vatican knew about!

The Vatican has been sitting on the fence way too long ! Time to come down on one side or the other to lift the fog!Just last weekend a Deacons wife called me to tell me her husband was verbally attacked in a grocery store parking lot by two male hxs who let loose on him concerning their view of the validity of their marriage ,realizing he was Catholic because he was wearing a St Joseph tee shirt.
Holy Mother of God ,pray for US!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Oh...I've noticed. It's just sometimes it's so pathetic one wants to scream. I just finished reading Socci's book, The Fourth Secret of Fatima, and politics has played a big part in the Fatima story since 1917. So, sadly, it's obvious that politics at the Vatican is nothing new. BTW, I heartily recommend Socci's book except for his cheerleading for Medjugorje at the end of the book.

Anonymous said...
"Francis DeBernardo, executive director of New Ways Ministry, which ministers to Catholic gays, said the Vatican's move was "sadly disappointing."

"It is unfortunate that Church leaders did not see Charamsa's announcement as an opportunity for further dialogue with someone they have known and trusted," DeBarnardo said.

At the news conference, Charamsa suggested that a study be made of how many homosexuals work in the Vatican.

"I ask the pope to be strong and to remember us, homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals as children of the Church and members of humanity," Charamsa said."

"The Vatican said the dismissal had nothing to do with Charasma's reflections on his personal life, which it said "merit respect". '

I have to ask can our prelates and priests serve TWO Masters? Which is it God or Mammon?

Anonymous said...

Charamsa needs a fast track annulment of his priesthood.