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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Matt Lauer Horror Show

This is why I could never watch TODAY!
Matt Lauer really takes the cake or maybe more accurately the cow pie.  My first thought when the story broke was "his poor wife and kids!" He should get the Academy Award for sleaze and hypocrisy in a morning media circus show!

 I've never really watched TODAY because I hate all the simpering and snickering on the couch. That's news? But then I don't watch TV much in general and get most of my news off the internet. I read Chronicles which keeps me up-to-date on most of the real news vs entertainment. (Hey, did you hear that Prince Harry is engaged?)

Since I'm mostly interested in Catholic news I prefer to look at OnePeterFive, Canon212, The Wanderer, The National Catholic Register, The Remnant, Catholic CultureLifeSiteNews, and a number of bloggers who I enjoy and trust.

One of the reasons I don't watch network news is because you can't trust most of the media. Matt Lauer's reprehensible behavior is just the latest demonstration. Look, if the guy is cheating on his wife, exposing himself to staff and propositioning anybody in a skirt, do you really think he is morally above lying and twisting a story if it will get more attention and add to his twinkling star? He's a one-man media side show as are so many of the media celebrities. They don't do real journalism at all. From the information coming out, Lauer obviously thinks he's hot stuff. (He certainly got the megabucks salary which tends to make a person feel important.) He's not! He's a puffed up little phony and a good put-down is the best possible thing that could happen to him for the sake of his soul. When you're down and nobody wants to listen to you that's the most likely time you'll look up and maybe, just maybe begin to examine your life and see yourself for the nothing you really are. The only thing that makes us SOMETHING is the love of God. When we find our worth in money and fame and sin, we really are pathetic nothings. It's only when we acknowledge our nothingness before God and respond to His love that one can begin to blossom as a son or daughter of the King.

So I invite all my readers to pray for Matt Lauer and all the other lascivious predators being exposed in recent days with plenty of evidence (like Al Franken's leering photo while he gropes a sleeping woman's breasts). Humiliation is an invitation to conversion. With God's grace even the worst sinner can repent.

A final thought...I bet most of these predators are pro-abortion. They need abortion to get rid of any "complications" from their despicable actions. Is it any wonder the media is so biased on the abortion issue?


Susan Matthiesen said...

OK. I'll pray for him, whoever he is. I didn't even know who Harvey Weinstein was until the news about him broke. Who do these people think they are anyway. Normal people don't care who they are, then have to end up praying for them because they prove themselves to be exactly what they are - reprobates.

How about instead of naming every reprobate in Hollywood, on TV or in Congress, I just pray for "all the reprobates out there"? That should do it...mainly because, although I do care about their souls and the hurt they've caused their families, I really don't care about their perverse lives. Stupid stupid reprobates. I have other things to do with my prayers, so shape up! Get with the program!

I mean if it isn't the jihadists, it's Hollywood creeps and unless I pray all-l-l day there's no time left for my own peeps. So, from me it'll just be a big, "Dear God, Please help all the reprobates out there to shape up and get with Your program for their salvation. And please help their poor families to deal with the creep." That should do it.

Gonna have to, because that's all I'm willing to say. I mean we have the pope to deal with and pray for. And the USCCB. And all the silly liberal nuns. And Meryl Streep. Who has time to add 50 zillion more reprobates to the list?!

So from now on, they'll all just be lumped together in my prayers. That's all they're gonna get from me. I've had it. Fed up with the lot of them. ...

.....I'm finished with my rant! Sorry. Just couldn't help it.

Chriss Rainey said...

Amen, Susan.

I just want to add that however guilty these men are, there seems something not right about the vengance I see playing out. I naturally believe in civil justice, but publicly destroying people with what appears to be a kind of passionate gleefulness seems very unCatholic to me.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Blogger Mary Ann Kreitzer said...
Two thoughts: first -- "Well people don't need a doctor; sick people do." [Luke 5:31] One drop of Jesus blood is enough to redeem all the reprobates of the world. But, like Mary said at Fatima, many go to hell because they have no one to pray for them. And think of who they hang out with. Unless we pray for them who will?

Second -- When great sinners convert they have a tremendous power to convert others through their repentant witness. Think of Mary Magdalene and St. Augustine.

I agree with you, Chriss. Have you read some Catholic blogs where the writers are gleeful? That is sad indeed since the majority of us (myself included) deserve hell fire and it's only God's mercy and grace that draws us to repent and fall at His feet seeking forgiveness.

consolata said...

....I no longer have a tv and no longer can afford even the local newspaper, all of which is surely a grace.
I do however Mary Ann visit the exact same sites you do for All my news ! With the addition of course of Abby Roads and
No one as yet has been mentioning the long practise of college and univ. professors hitting on students, entrenched for decades, but weaned out, I think. I Think. I know I got hit on by many and felt really intimidated as a young woman, and went out with several, and felt a lot of fear of them. Now I'd 'slap them upside the head', but men who sense that never misbehave. and of course old women don't get propositioned, to my knowledge, anyway.
And how can we call it The News, when it is really all slanted according to their desires to steer people. ?
Also now with no 'entertainment' here, I am so blessed to be able to listen to things like Father Ryan Erlenbush -