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Friday, October 10, 2008

Marriage Matters

When I was in elementary school I remember a textbook with illustrations showing the family as the "building block" of the neighborhood, the community, the state, and ultimately the nation.

A few states around the country are now experimenting with a new definition of "marriage" that is so alien to its true nature that it will destroy that building block of the family --- I'm talking, of course, about same-sex marriage. That this perverse idea is growing is frightening for the future consequences to the moral values of the United States. People have been manipulated to see this as a civil rights issue, when, in fact, it is not. Gays no more have the right to marry than a man has a "right" to be a mother. In both cases the reality conflicts with the desire. Normally, when someone creates his own reality, unrelated to the truth, (e.g., the person who insists he is Napoleon or an alien from outer space) we consider him insane. And that's exactly what this entire movement toward same-sex marriage is -- insane.

Jesus blessed marriage at Cana because the stability of the family protects the love between husband and wife and the love between parents and children who bless the union. Same-sex "marriages" or civil unions between homosexuals do not contribute to the common good; in fact they undermine it. Children need both a mother and a father. The distortion to a child's view of life and relationships is clear from those raised in same-sex households. Dawn Stefanowicz has testified powerfully to the damage of being raised by her homosexual father and his partner.
Please support those fighting for marriage. Too many Americans today think everyone should have the "freedom" to do whatever he wants, but some things aren't freedom, they're lunacy. Gays are "playing marriage" just like children "play superhero." We don't let our children jump off the house because they think they can fly; neither should we let gays hurt themselves and the culture because they think they want to be a sex that doesn't match their body parts.
Please visit Marriage Matters, a group in California dedicated to protecting traditional marriage by passing proposition 8.

Please pass this information on. We need to re-form the consciences of millions of citizens who have bought into the lie of homosexual activists.
Please pray for our poor misguided country.

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