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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The video below gives a ten minute summary of the economic crisis and how we got there. Watch it with the cursor on the pause button so you can stop it and read the article headlines, etc. And after you watch it go to Ross Perot's alternate plan called the Mainstreet Rescue. The 700 billion bailout isn't the only answer. If you don't want to foot the bill for the folks who caused this crisis, let your senators and representative know you oppose the big bucks bailout for the culprits who caused this problem.

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Anonymous said...

I aggree. We have problems. Uncle Billy lost the money, Mr. Potter stole it and we are all going to be living in Pottersville instead of Bedford Falls and Clarence never gets his wings. Obama is a black Huey Long. Now that the consumer credit bubble has burst there is no getting the genie back in the bottle. Tax increases are deadly since the economy is so fragile. Tax cuts, as stimulus, are useless because of the enormity of the problem. Material Socialism got us into the problem. Formal socialism will simply culminate what was started in the New Deal.