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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Village it takes to Raise a Child is the Traditional Extended Family!

Proposition 8 upholding traditional marriage, on the ballot in California, is a bellweather issue. The building block of every civilized country is the nuclear family. The family begins with the protection of marriage, a commitment of a man and woman to one another for life for the sake of the children born to the union and for their own growth in love. Pray that Proposition 8 passes.

One encouraging sign is its support by young people at American River College in Sacramento which is the largest community college in the state of California. California Catholic posted an article today about the effort to recall nine student council members because they endorsed Proposition 8. The student body soundly defeated the resolution. Kids who've grown up in solid families know that's the best place for kids. Those who've grown up in broken and dysfunctional families have the life experience to know what doesn't work. Pray for Proposition 8, for the protection of the American family, and for our poor, pitiful country. Homosexual activists have a very different plan for America than most people realize. Read Sodomizing the Culture for a wake-up call. Or go to my previous post, Same-sex Marriage and What it Means for Your Family. And vote for the traditional family on November 4th by supporting McCain/Palin. Not only does Barack Obama attack the most vulnerable member of the human family, the unborn, but he is a big supporter of same-sex "marriage," an abomination in the eyes of God. Lord Jesus, save us.

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