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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Heritage of Our Children: Death or Slave Labor

THE BIG LIE by Fr. Tom Collins

It seems that the promised benefits of the Economic Stimulus Act and
the Freedom of Choice Act are evolving into the biggest lie since the
"Arbeit mach frei" (work shall set you free) at the entrance to Auschwitz. As Hitler was moved to direct the SS to implement the Final Solution to the "Jewish Problem" by choosing which new arrivals were to be gassed and which were to be slave labor, so the Obama administration seems to be directing the enviromental extremists to promote a new type of "choice" in order to deal with the "pop-pollution" problem.

By these two laws, it seems that our legal system is now to doom newly-conceived children to death or to debt - death by abortion and embryonic stem cell research
(in the tradition of Dr. Josef Mengele)or slave labor to pay off a national
financial debt (which will be in the tens of trillions by the time they mature)
and a moral debt (which is the result of decades of various types of perverse
behavior being sanctioned and even subsidized by our laws and our courts).

It is interesting that the denial of the reality of this demonic dynamic is much
in vogue now, even as the disgusting denial of the reality of the Nazi Holocaust
is out of vogue in our politically correct society.

Pray for the gift of true repentance to be granted to us and to all our leaders!

Father's insights are sobering as is the assessment by Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute. He says we will see a global economic collapse the like of which has never been seen before. Celente predicts a disaster in the commercial real estate market that will dwarf the personal housing mess. "This is going to be worse than the Great Depression," he predicts. He also says there will be a tax revolt, increasing violence like what happens in third world countries. As far as Obama is concerned, he points out that the president is bringing in all the old crowd from the Clinton administration. "Look at the crew...they're strike out artists." He doesn't believe you can fix the problems with the same team that helped cause them.

Click on Celente's name above to see the video at Pat Buchanan's website; then don't spend a nickle you don't need to, get out of debt, and keep your rosary running through your fingers. As Padre Pio often said, "Pray, hope, and don't worry." The Lord who clothes the lilies of the field in such splendor won't abandon you.

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