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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Video Shows Birmingham Police Illegally Arresting Pro-Lifers on Public Property

Students arrested and held overnight several days ago in Birmingham for giving out literature on the public sidewalk posted a video of the action on YouTube. It clearly shows the students doing NOTHING but peacefully talking to students about abortion. They had two large photo boards showing fetal development and pictures of abortion. Students are fascinated and stop to observe the information. There is NO CONFRONTATION, simply a respectful exchange. The officers tell the students to disperse claiming they are trespassing on school property. They clearly are not. They are on a public sidewalk adjacent to the road.

Throughout the exchange the students are calm and non-confrontational with both the students, a school administrator, and the police officers.

That this activity resulted in arrest clearly shows an unconstitutional violation of free speech. Contact the following Birmingham officials to protest this blatant injustice against pro-lifers. For more information visit the Survivors' website.

Chief A.C. Roper
Birmingham Police Department
Central Headquarters
1710 1st Avenue North
Birmingham, Alabama 35203

Birmingham City Hall
710 20th Street North
Birmingham, Alabama 35203-2216
Phone: 205-254-2277
FAX: 205-254-2926

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