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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh the lunacy of liberals on illegal immigration!

Arizona Immigration Law Identical to Federal Laws Requiring Alien Documentation, Says Attorney

And guess what. The Arizona governor's approval rating jumped 16% after signing the law. President Obama should take note. Read the article here.

But let's face it. We're living in a madhouse where illegals often have more rights than citizens, certainly more than the ranchers on the border being murdered by the drug cartels as they move their drug trains across the border and dare anyone to stop them.

And then there's the case of the kids sent home from school yesterday for wearing t-shirts with the American flag. They were being insensitive and inflammatory for daring to show their patriotism on cinco de mayo. This nonsense will make you laugh til you cry.

And for all those folks who think supporting amnesty for illegals is the Catholic position, think again. Fr. Michael Orsi has written an excellent article on the real Catholic teaching. A country has a right to control immigration and ensure for the protection of its own citizens and the orderly assimilation of immigrants.

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Anonymous said...

When did priests/bishops decide materialism trumps saving souls? I guess that's the moral relativism of liberation theology. When illegal aliens break the law by crossing a border and stay, it's necessary that they lie, cheat and steal. To earn a living, they must pretend they are here legally, often stealing identity, and stealing resources from citizens. Where's the christian compassion for all of us who are affected by this invasion?