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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Republicans Fail the Test Again: Will Not Mount Filibuster Against Extremist Kagan

A Pox on both your houses! No wonder the Tea Party Movement refuses to endorse the Republicans. They have a great platform that's about as relevant as a snowshovel at the equator. When it comes to acting on it, they are missing in action! The latest is their intent not to filibuster the Elena Kagan nomination to the Supreme Court. (Read about it here.... ) Hopefully they have another plan, but that may be a vain hope in view of their past inaction.

Political strategist John Gizzi believes the Republicans can defeat the Kagan nomination. The question is - do they have the will to do it? Judging from most of the Republican wimps in Congress, I have to say no. But those who don't try, should face the music in the next election. Throw the bums out if they stand by and fiddle while the republic burns.

Elena Kagan is anti-military, anti-the second amendment, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, anti-free speech and on top of all that has absolutely no judicial experience. There is no record of how she will rule from the bench, but her extremism gives plenty of evidence that it won't be good for those who love life and the family. Of course we will hear that she is the smartest, most qualified person ever to be nominated to the court! But she is really Obama's payback to the gay community. Here are some articles about Kagan and how the Republicans can stop her nomination...if they have the guts:

Elena Kagan, Gay Justice?

Doubt About Kagan's Fitness

Reagan-Hating Kagan

Supreme Court Nominee Exposed in New Book on Obama

How to stop the Kagan nomination


Robert Simms said...

And now, Laura Bush supports Kagan because she's a woman.
It really is time for Conservatives to give the Republicans the boot.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure, but I think "she's" a shman. Does anyone really know? Doesn't "she" want us to ask-and-tell?