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Monday, June 13, 2011

BBC Joins Assisted Suicide Cheerleaders with Propaganda Piece

BBC Showing Documentary Depicting Man Dying in Assisted Suicide

Remember before abortion was legalized the shameless propaganda promoting it? I remember the two-part episode of Maude with Bea Arthur that ran in 1972 promoting abortion. In fact, a group of about 60 of us picketed channel 9 in D.C. There was a smaller counter picket of a few people and guess who got the coverage? Some things never change.

And now its the BBC shilling for assisted suicide. Hey, the baby boomers use up too much medical care. Kill us off to save money. And if they can talk us into killing ourselves, all the better. When Obamacare goes into effect, they'll just refuse us care. It's already happening. A friend told me about an older relative who couldn't get heart surgery approved recently and he finally paid for it himself out of pocket. But won't it be wonderful when all those uninsured have the same right to be refused treatment as this gentleman?

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