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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Dissent Fest in Detroit - Priest Thumbs Nose at Bishop

When priests are ordained they put their hands between the bishop's and promise obedience. Of course, there are some situations where priests can legitimately disobey. Obviously a young priest would not owe obedience to a homosexual bishop who ordered him to engage in sodomy with him. Not only does a subordinate have the right to refuse obedience in such a situation, he has a moral obligation to disobey. An order to sin is immoral and must NEVER be obeyed.

But we aren't talking about that. Archbishop Allen Vigneron of Detroit was acting totally within his authority when he ordered the priests of his diocese NOT to be involved with the Mass at the American Catholic Council event held in Detroit last weekend. Fr. Bob Wurm (well named) a retired 78-year-old priest, did it anyway and made it clear that he doesn't think the bishop will do a thing about it.  Essentially he thumbed his nose at his bishop and dared him to do anything about it. According to the organizers, dozens of local priests and deacons attended the Mass, but they would say that. Liberal liars are as common as bedbugs in New York.

Whatever the truth of other clergy attending, Fr. Wurm participated for sure and I hope the Archbishop follows through on his threats and removes his faculties. We need faithful servants of God in the vineyard; not those who imitate Lucifer's non serviam.

Read more about the ACC event here. Don't miss the slide show. The meeting could have been organized by the AARP. I think Fr. Wurm was one of the younger folks there. I'd love to see photos from the Call to Holiness conference held the same weekend. My bet is it attracted a much broader spectrum of the Church. What is it with these heretical old geezers? Isn't age supposed to bring wisdom? They just appear ridiculous. See Fr. Z's post for some of the other silliness. I hate to say it, but the saying immediately jumped into my head, "There's no fool like an old fool." Pray for these folks to retrieve their sanity.


Anonymous said...

Mary Ann, God will deal with these dissenters in His own way, and believe me, they won't like it. For one thing rebellion against lawful authority, brings rebellion. what they did to the bishop will be done to them sooner or later. That is if they live so long. Even many Episcopalians have found that out and have headed home to Rome.

Anonymous said...

What is so really funny and ironic about this is that the church IS getting some married priests -- those from the Episcopalian converts and Eastern Catholic Rite who cannot stand the behavior of such people as these in their own ranks. Pope Benedict sure has a good sense of humor, as he kicks out the "married priests" who dissented, he brings other married priests in who have never been dissenters. It serves these dissenters right. Another thing is that while these people rant and rave and wail about child abuse, most, if not all, of them push for such things as "same-sex" marriage. Do they really think we believe they are really concerned about the children. These same people would probably put children into the hands of same-sex couples by adoption. I might be wrong about some of them, but I doubt it. The ones who have been bamboozled by all this, will soon find out and be back in the Church. We should pray for them.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks for the insightful comments. What goes around comes around. I also enjoy the happy irony of the married priests coming into the Church. I met one with his teen son a few years ago at a conference. May God bring us many more!