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Monday, June 20, 2011

Bishop Gracida's Blog Post on Fr. Corapi

I have great regard for Bishop Rene Gracida, so I think his comments on Fr. Corapi's situation are
worth reading. Let us continue to pray for God to use this terrible situation for good.



Adrienne said...

I read this yesterday - it's excellent.

Father Corapi posted another audio message. I found nothing at all alarming about it. However, the feeding frenzy is ramping up again.

Anonymous said...

Adrienne, did you read what one of them wrote yesterday...that she had no idea of where the high emotional level was coming from?

Do you think these people are so dense that they do not realize what they are doing? They whip their followers up into a frenzy and then wonder how it all happened.


Siobhan said...

Thank you for this Mary Ann. His commentary is sound and balance. I've read other blogs and the viciousness directed at Fr. John Corapi is unbelievable. I'll continue to pray that the truth will eventually surface and justice be done. I'll also pray for these other bloggers who should be more restrained in their condemnation - still without having all the facts of the case.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I frankly don't understand it myself, but it wasn't limited to Fr. Corapi. The vicious attacks on Fr. Euteneuer amazed me as well. We are all sinners. Should all the good we do be ignored if we commit a serious sin? Is repentance and forgiveness closed to a priest? That isn't what Jesus taught when he forgave Peter. I think our world needs more prayer and less rash judgment.

Michele said...

This has given me some hope in this situation. While I have never been a follower of Fr. Corapi, I have always considered him a profound and brilliant preacher.

It would be sad to think he had left the way of Christ and His Church - it is nice to hear that there might be a better explanation for a very confusing situation.