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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Government Tyranny Over Children

As a parent you probably think you have the right to make  important decisions for your minor children. Think again. In California, the 9th Circuit Court ruled that parents have no right to opt their children out of state mandated curricula no matter how objectionable. As the court ruled
“[p]arents…have no constitutional right…to prevent public schools from providing its students with whatever information it wishes to provide, sexual or otherwise, when and as the school determines that it is appropriate to do so.”
If they want to teach your children that homosexual behavior is normal and you object -- tough. If they want to teach kids how to: put condoms on bananas, where to get the pill or an abortion, that they have a right to choose their own values and reject their parents -- well it's just too bad. The only control you have as a parent once you get into some school systems is to opt out altogether by private home schooling. Do you think that's why so many politicians opt their kids out of public schools?
Watch the trailer below and wake up, parents. Big Daddy government and his nannies in the school system and social services will be making decisions for your family. Fight now...while you still can!

For more see Whatever Schools Teach, Parents Have No Rights


Brantigny said...

Ninth circus court strikes again.

Chudah said...

We have to keep reminding ourselves that no matter how bad things get, in the end Satan loses. How great God's glory when the world has gone so wicked and He yet triumphs over it all? Be courageous and keep praying.

Shandon Belle said...

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