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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Linda Gibbons is Back in Jail!

Linda Gibbons, the Canadian pro-lifer who has spent eight of the last seventeen years in prison, is back in jail. She violated an injunction by walking on the sidewalk within the "bubble zone" at an abortion mill run by infamous abortionist Henry Morgentaler. This petite grandmother is relentless in her determination to love the babies by standing with them where they are being murdered and offering assistance to their mothers. Would that we all had the zeal of this courageous hero of the unborn. It is amazing to me to watch the parade of police surrounding and arresting Linda "who opened not her mouth." Pray and fast for an end to abortion and won't you please go, at least occasionally, to our modern-day Calvary where Jesus is being crucified in his least ones? For past posts on Linda go here.

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