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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When Faith and Science Meet: Doctors who pray for their patients

Fr. Z has an interesting short post today about the power of intercessory prayer, specifically, a doctor who hires two people to pray for his patients, his staff, and for himself. I was so intrigued that I did a little internet research on doctors who pray for and with their patients. My GYN, Dr. John Bruchalski, is one of those. There is no conflict between faith and science and it is good to see secular sources beginning to recognize it. So when you are going to see the doctor, don't forget that important adjunct to your treatment is prayer! Don't go to the hospital or the doctor's office without it.

And here's more:
Does God Answer Prayer? Researcher Says 'Yes'


Anonymous said...

One of my aunts, who was a Prostestant, told me that after she had an operation she saw a Christ like figure beside her bed. Three times the figure told her to "acknowledge him", and three times she thought to herself, "I cannot tell anyone what I am seeing because they will think I am crazy." Never-the-less, when her doctor came him, she told him what she had seen. He believed her and told her that he never operated that he did not pray. I do not know what Chrisitan branch to which the doctor belonged, but evidently it was one who believed in the deity of Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

from Anonymous at 2:14 on Aug.24th: I have also had cancer three times in my 69 years, and I have gone to a priest and had the Sacrament of Healing before each time I received treatment and had an operation. My daughter and I got rid of a wart she had two separate times by praying while using water from Lourdes and Fatima. The very first time she had gone to the doctor who put dry ice on it, and it left a scar and the wart came back later. When we used the sacred water there was no scaring, and it did not come back til many years later and the second time it has not come back so far.