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Friday, September 26, 2014

Bishops Cupich? It's Worse than we Thought

Bishop Cupich: A View from Spokane

Read the article to see how Bishop Cupich:
  • gave approval to the Vagina Monologues being shown at Gonzaga University
  • undermined the seminary training
  • undermined the pro-life movement (We already reported on that.)
The author's final bit of advice?:
My advice to Catholics in Chicago? Your new archbishop is a very nice man; he is also very intelligent and talented. I respect him far too much to flatter him, as many of my fellow Spokanites are wont to do. And I refuse to believe that he really thinks that those of you trying to defend and advance the Church in the public forum are just “ideologues.” But he tends to be – to use a polite phrase – “conflict averse.”
We send him to you with our prayers and our charity. He’s got a very big job now, and he is going to need you to involve yourselves robustly in the struggles of the Church in Chicago if he is going to be successful.
Unfortunately we have too many "nice" bishops who are "conflict averse." And why? Because they seem to care more about the opinion of the world than about God's opinion. We don't need more leaders of the Church Milquetoast! Pray for our spineless bishops. We are sadly in need of real men in mitres.

And if Bishop Cupich didn't really mean that insult about "idealogues" he should NOT have said it. But I agree with the author that the bishop needs prayers. So pray and be prepared to fight with your bishop with a smile on your face and respect for his office.

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Православный физик said...

Agree with everything that's in the letter…

Pray for him, he'll need it