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Friday, September 12, 2014

Diocese of Arlington, This Means You!

Catholics should reassess parish contributions to socialists

Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement is an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) and was begun, I'm sad to say, by two priests, Fr. Tuck Grinnell and Fr. Gerry Creedon. 

Here are the Catholic Churches in Arlington affiliated with VOICE:

Holy Family 
Sacred Heart  (Prince William Cty.)
St. Francis of Assisi
Good Shepherd 
Nativity of the Lord
St. John Neumann
St. Joseph 
Our Lady Queen of Peace
St. Charles Borromeo

Most of these parishes are well known for dissent and liberalism. It's interesting that St. Anthony disappeared from the list after Fr. Tuck Grinnell moved to St. Charles Borromeo (where Fr. Gerry Creedon was a former pastor). Fr. Marcus Pollard is the current pastor and we suspect he made the decision to disaffiliate from VOICE. Thank you, Father.

Parishioners at the churches named above would be well advised to ask their pastors to get out of VOICE. They should also ask for financial accountability. How much money has been funneled into VOICE from their parishes over the years?

There are many legitimate charitable organizations that do NOT promote activities that conflict with Catholic teaching. VOICE and the IAF are NOT one of them!

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Unknown said...

Fr. Tuck (aka Horace) has been move to St. Peter Church, Washington, VA.