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Friday, September 12, 2014

"Irish Queers" Demand a Place in St. Patty's Parade

Did anyone really think the parade organizers could breathe a sigh of relief after letting ONE gay activist group march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Surprise! "Irish Queers" are NOT happy and they are demanding the NYC government ban all uniformed police officers, firefighters, etc. from marching. They also want city officials to boycott the parade as well. And...they want the one group approved to back out.

Read their press releases here and here.

Last March the "Irish Queers" rallied along the parade route between 56th and 57th Streets. This isn't over by a long shot.

Cardinal Dolan, are you really so blind and naive that you didn't see this coming?

The homosexual community will not be happy until they turn the St. Patrick's Day Parade into one more gay pride event with nearly nude homosexual participants acting out in public. IT'S WHAT THEY DO! In the future expect to see green-thonged leprechauns humping and grinding in the NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade to the tune of It's a Great Day for the "Irish Queers!"

Cincinnati, on the other hand, has reverted to their former practice of invitation-only for their St. Patrick's Day Parade. They also are not inviting politicians to participate. Good for them!

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TLM said...

Of course we knew this would happen. Watched EWTN world over last night (we always tape it) and Raymond had Bill Donahue as a guest. (Catholic League) He's backed out of the parade after over 20 yrs. of support for it, but not because of the gay group(s) carrying a banner, because he was told pro life groups could carry one as well when he asked officials if they could.....and then they pulled the plug on the pro life groups, so he's out. Several things about this: Of course he was careful not to step on Cdl. Dolan's toes by saying that the Cdl. thinks we need more compassion and acceptance of them (???...I wasn't aware that we WEREN'T COMPASSIONATE in the past??) I will probably get nailed for saying this but, the Cdl. is taking his que from the top. No other way to put it. I have heard the same thing from Rome. I see this happening not only with Cdl. Dolan but with others as well. Others that I thought were 'traditional' as far as Church teaching. It is very worrisome to me. I DREAD the upcoming Synod.....DREAD, DREAD, DREAD IT!! Much prayer needed for our Clergy and our Pope as well. PRAY people...PRAY for all of them!