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Monday, February 29, 2016

Is the Vatican Strategy of Undermining the Faith Deliberate?

1 Peter 5 blog thinks so.

The Vatican's Communication Strategy is No Accident!

I'm inclined to agree. Cardinal Bernardin used to do the same thing. He'd articulate a teaching of the Church and then make a statement about conscience or some other point to undermine the doctrine and imply that ignoring the doctrine was fine. Bernardin-watchers got used to the tactic.
Francis like Joseph is cut from the same cloth and, like Edward Pentin and Steve Skojec say, it doesn't appear to be an accident. One can almost see the fifth columnists meeting in their strategy session saying,
"Hey, Frank, throw a bone to the trads by saying abortion is a horrendous evil and than heap praise on former abortionist politician Emma Bonino. That will keep everybody off balance.... Oh, and be sure to describe contraception as a lesser evil....Yes, and be sure to throw in another comment about the evil of being rigid and unforgiving. That always makes them look hysterical when they defend themselves.
None of this should surprise us. It was predicted by Our Lady at Quito Ecuador in the 16th century and at Akita in the 20th. We are the witnesses to the prophecies' fulfillment. Our reaction, of course, must not be fear or anxiety, but prayer and penance. No matter what happens at the Vatican, the Holy Spirit will stay with the Church. Embrace doctrine, cling to the Eucharist and to Our Lady. Our boats may be in stormy seas, but we will never be capsized as long as we are anchored there.


Maria said...

God love you Maryanne....

TLM said...

True.....Our Lord will NEVER leave us as orphans....NEVER!!!! What is heartbreaking and totally maddening are the number of souls being lost under this Pope and his anti Catholic ramblings and actions. Diabolical is what this situation is. Purely SATANIC! Doesn't matter what his intentions are or are not, his words and actions are akin to taking a WRECKING BALL to the Church of Christ!!

Mark said...

Great words of wisdom!

Anonymous said...

What we can agree on here is that it is a Pope's duty to defend the beauty and power and splendor of Catholic moral teaching.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

If you haven't seen the movie, Under the Roman Sky, about Pius XII during WW II do yourself a favor and get it. It's absolutely wonderful and gives such a sense of this holy pope's efforts to save the Jews of Rome. We would do well to seek his intercession for our poor, increasingly degenerate culture before we reap the consequences in another world war.