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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Danger of Unlimited Tolerance to the National Immune System

Another interesting and timely brief commentary from Fr. Tom Collins:

It is interesting how we treat HIV as a health threat, even though all this AIDS virus does is make the body’s immune system less judgmental and more tolerant of any foreign organisms that seek to immigrate into the human body and reproduce there.

But, some people see no threat in suppressing our national immune systems (e.g., the Constitution, the INS,ICE, Border Patrol, etc.) in order to allow millions to enter our nation with no medical, psychological or ideological screening, so as to allow our population to be endangered by hostile fanatics, drug cartels, gangs and numerous contagious diseases.

It leads a person to wonder if the tendency of some Church leaders to uncritically proclaim an absolute Gospel of Inclusion would, logically, lead us to also embrace a similar inclusion in Church
practice and disciplines by eliminating all canonical and liturgical “barriers” (e.g., cumbersome
RCIA processes, compulsory marriage preparation seminars and paperwork, marriage tribunals,
“closed” Communion, etc.), which make it difficult for people to migrate into and enjoy full
communion with the Church on their own terms.

But such idyllic thinking ignores the fact that the organic integrity of any body requires reasonable
disciplines and discrimination. Unlimited tolerance leads to disintegration and, eventually, tyranny.
But, then again, who am I to judge?

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Susan Matthiesen said...

In Mexico the pope judged someone as "selfish" when he angrily said, "Stop being selfish!" when the person held onto the pope with both hands thereby making him fall on top of a child in a wheelchair. Francis was visibly angry. Mad! And he judged. In his fit of anger, he judged another. Just sayin...