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Friday, February 3, 2017

Smear Trump and anyone he nominates: It's CNN's Trademark and the Dems agenda!

This is what Democrats want. If they can't be in charge,
trash the country, encourage riots, and foment unrest.
"Burn, baby, burn."
Nancy Pelosi rants her lies as usual at the CNN Town Hall with no challenges to her lies. She was allowed to smear Neil Gorsuch and the reporter, Jake Tapper, even encouraged her with his question about "is turnabout fair play?" with regard to trying to block Gorsuch from even getting a vote.

Pelosi, with the help of CNN, promotes the lie that Republicans want dirty water, dirty air, poisonous food, want to kill and persecute children (Now that's a head-scratcher coming from the party that endorses child-killing and baby body part sales.), want to lynch blacks and homosexuals, and want to keep women barefoot and pregnant. Oh, Republicans also want to prevent autistic children from being educated.

Does anyone with a single brain cell really believe this slander?

Please, somebody give this woman a big, sticky peanut butter and caramel sandwich. Maybe that will shut her up for a few minutes before another inane statement comes out of her mouth.

To see the full Town Hall watch the video below. To read about CNN allowing the Pelosi smear go here.

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