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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Who Really Cares about the Children of the Poor?

Wouldn't the Democrats say this child would
be better off if she were killed by abortion?
Democrats love to preen and puff out their feathers like a peacock on the make. They love the poor and those evil Republicans want them all to starve and freeze to death. Strange -- from a party that thinks killing tiny babies is not only a right but a positive good and favors killing them after birth if they manage to survive the first attack.

Crisis Magazine has a great article by Regis Nicoll about the hypocritical "party of the poor" and the obligations of government vs. local communities and churches.

Let's face it. Poverty is big business. Many bureaucrats who administer these programs make six-figure salaries. According to the GAO, BILLIONS of dollars in fraud happens EVERY YEAR in the government MEDICAID program. Fraud and embezzlement unfortunately are rampant. A lot of people enrich themselves off the poor!

Oh, I'm sure there are Democrats who truly care about the poor. But, I ask you, can you imagine Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid or Michelle Obama or Bill Clinton or Debbie Wasserman Schulz picking lice out of a poor child's hair or ladling soup at a shelter? If they were, it would be for the photo op. Click on the article below. The author hits the nail on the head.

The Party of the Poor? An excerpt:
"...when Jesus taught about duty to the poor, he was not speaking to government officials or their political bodies, he was speaking to his disciples—sometimes privately—indicating that the care of the needy is their responsibility as Christians.
"For nineteen hundred years, their followers did just that, individually, and through the collective of the Church, caring for each other and their neighbors by establishing hospitals, orphanages, food distribution systems, and houses for the poor and aged.
Although exceptions can be found on both sides of the political aisle, Republicans do not care any less about the poor than Democrats. They just differ on how and by whom it should be given. 
St. Elizabeth of Hungary caring for lepers.
Esteban Murrillo 1617-1682
"In short, they believe that care is best handled at the local level by individuals and “mediating” institutions like churches, faith-based charities, civic groups, and othervolunteer associations. They reject programs that encourage a culture of idleness and dependence, in favor of those that help the able-bodied poor become employable and self-reliant so that they can have the dignity of earning a living and providing for their families.
"Republicans do not deny a role for government in cases of deep, widespread need (e.g., The Great Depression) or in the wake of severe local emergencies (e.g., hurricane Katrina). They just believe that the state’s involvement should be limited and temporary—augmenting, not usurping, the responsibilities of neighbors and mediating organizations."
Before the destruction of the Church in England, that's exactly how poverty was handled. The monasteries provided hospitality, medical treatment, food and shelter, and other care to the poor. They also allowed their fields to be used for grazing their own flocks and those of the local peasant farmers. The horrors described in the works of Charles Dickens were almost unknown in England prior to the Protestant Revolution.

If you want to read an interesting work that encompasses this see William Cobbett's, A History of the Protestant Reformation. Cobbett was a Protestant pamphleteer who favored Catholic emancipation and was honest enough to know how much the Church served the people before the suppression of the faith. His book is a real eye-opener.

Liberals and liberalism use the poor for political ends. With one hand they distribute other people's money; with the other they hold a scalpel or suction catheter to kill the children of the poor. It's a bad deal!


Alan said...

I met a living Saint today - Sr StanTerese Mario Mumuni from Ghana was in the US escorting 2 children to life-altering medical procedures.

In Ghana, children born with with birth defects are often abandoned by their families - Sr Stan is a Marian Sister of Eucharistic Love; she has built an orphanage for these children - our parish helped them to pay for a well.

Here is their website

Anyway - some people talk about aiding those who have less. Others act.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thank you for this information. I never heard of these sisters, but what an amazing group. I looked at their website and read several articles. Wow! What they can accomplish on a shoestring compared to the miserable results government gets with their millions.

When you think of how the culture of death wants to kill all these precious babies, it makes you sick. But better, as the Christophers say, to light one candle than to curse the darkness. I'm going to do a blog post about this and urge people to contribute.

Anonymous said...

Who really cares about the children of the poor? Look at the healthcare - and myriad other - changes Donald Trump and his supporters are ushering in so they will have more for their own personal projects/profits, and you tell me! It's all well and good so long as none of them are affected, but obviously, the young, the old, the sick, and the poor are more than undesirable in this climate, we need to be extinguished. Remind anyone of an earlier such movement? I believe God will provide salvation to those who believe and are in need, but that does not necessarily mean our lives on Earth will not be ruthlessly shortened, and the blame placed on our own broken and unprotected shoulders. I pray to Holy Mother Mary for perseverance and for the ability to offer up undeserved sufferings. May God hear and protect us and keep us safe within His loving Heart.