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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Battle of Front Royal Resumes Tomorrow

Liberal tolerance is a myth!
Tomorrow is Wednesday and another standoff in the Battle of Front Royal. The pro-abort Democrat liberals will face off on one side of the street with their anti-Trump signs and we will be bent over our rosaries on the other side of the street praying for them. I just made a new sign for tomorrow. 

I'm glad this takes place on Wednesday because my adoration hour is from nine til ten after Mass and I offer my Mass and my hour for the conversion of these poor folks. One man is a proud atheist. Several make no bones about being pro-abortion. They all will use any stick to beat the president whether it's calling him dangerous, stupid, unkind, a pawn of Putin, etc. 

Did you see the ridiculous liberal attack on Trump on Memorial Day because he sang the National Anthem? What normal people see as an act of patriotism, liberals use as one more opportunity to ridicule the president. But at least Kathy Griffin wasn't there with the decapitated head mask. They really are a pathetic bunch.

Meanwhile, we thank God that Hillary lost the election and we have a temporary reprieve from liberal tyranny where a cell phone and a pen are the tools to by-pass Congress. We can thank God that funding foreign abortions is ended, that the boarder invasion is down, that we have a new Supreme Court Justice who respects the rule of law, and that Trump is working to limit terrorist access to our country. In view of what happened in Manchester and on Westminster Bridge recently and the weekly acts of Islamic terrorism all over the globe, I'm surprised everybody isn't calling for border control. 

If you're in or around Front Royal come join us. It's always a blessing when the Church Militant joins in action for the glory of God and the conversion of sinners.


umblepie said...

Well done to you and all pro-lifers. God bless you all.

Nancy Grenier said...

Beautifully said! I will eventually join you all in Front Royal. I am currently going door to door for Corey Stewart for VA governor who is 100% pro-life, is a loyal supporter of our President, and is fighting political correctness. Please vote for him in the June 13 primary.