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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Are You Eating Poisoned Food?

Yes! We all are. Thanks to groups like Monsanto we're all consuming glyphosate. It's in the food supply, even non-GMOs and organic crops are tainted with glyphosate. And when I read that every sample of honey no matter where it comes from has glyphosate in it...well...that made me downright mad.

Monsanto is Scrambling

I'm also concerned for my grandchildren. An MIT researcher predicts that by 2025 half of children will be diagnosed as autistic and that the symptoms of autism closely resemble glyphosate toxicity as well as the symptoms of dementia. I'd like to think all of this is just alarmist, but it makes sense that putting all this poison on crops may have unintended consequences. I expect this is one of the factors affecting the bee populations too.

It makes sense from a spiritual point of view as well. Think of the plagues of Egypt. We've poisoned our spiritual lives with sin because we worship the pleasures of the world and we've poisoned our physical lives with chemicals because we worship our green lawns. Give me a field of dandelions any day!

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Chriss Rainey said...

This is very disturbing. I watched the entire video which was interesting to me as a gardener and as a consumer. I dont think we could back away from weed killers now even if we wanted to, but heaven help us with the consequences.