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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Coercion of Evil

You're a dad. You don't want your children exposed to sex education that promotes fornication, contraception, abortion, and sodomy. You refuse to allow your children to participate in a play called "My Body Belongs to Me" that teaches children how to have sexual intercourse.

What happens? Well, if you live in Germany you're arrested and thrown in jail which is exactly what happened to eight German fathers. Here's an excerpt from an article by a German parents' rights group:

Christians in Germany have faced enormous persecution from the German government for removing their children from the German public schools, either through homeschooling - an illegal act according to a law instituted during the Third Reich - or taking them out of select classes they deem harmful to their Christian values, which is also illegal.

The fact that these children often outperform their counterparts in state schools has little bearing on the matter for Germany; the government's stated public policy is to suppress the existence of Parallelgesellschaften or "parallel societies" based on "separate philosophical convictions" through the education system.

The Youth Welfare Office or Jugendamt - an institution similar to Child Protective Services - acts as the government's chief intervening instrument, and when prison and fines do not bend Christian families into compliance, they recommend that these Christians lose parental custody of their children.

In one case, the Jugendamt, accompanied by 15 heavily armed police, forcibly seized 15 year-old Melissa Busekros in the dead of night from her family in 2007 against her will. However, legal intervention ensured that Busekros was legally permitted to return to her family upon turning 16.

It's clear that in Germany the children belong to the state. The fact that the law banning homeschooling originated under Hitler is chilling. All homeschooling families are in danger of having their children taken from them. Read more here.

This is one more example of the coercion evil, in this case the murder of innocence. No disagreement will be tolerated. The children must be perverted and if parents have to be imprisoned and families ripped apart to do it, too bad.

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