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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Illegal Immigration: It's Hurting the Country, One Community at a Time

People don't often talk about the devastating impact of illegal immigration on specific local communities, but I have friends in Manassas who are living with it. They got involved in fighting for safe and secure neighborhoods and made a difference. They've been accused of "hate" just for wanting a decent community to raise their children instead of the modern equivalent of Pottersville.

Those who say we must welcome the strangers who break down the door of our homes are misrepresenting the truths of the Gospel. They would better spend their time lobbying for our country to develop foreign policies to influence border countries to strengthen their human rights initiatives. People shouldn't have to abandon their families and invade other countries to make a decent living. And what kind of a solution is it when invasion damages the ability to legal citizens and residents to make a decent living and have a decent quality of life.

Yes, welcome the stranger who comes to this country legally and wants to become an American. We've done that many times: welcoming the boat people of Viet Nam, offering assylum to the persecuted, being a melting pot for people from all over the world. But no one is morally required to welcome an invasion.

Find out what the real impact on this country is from illegal immigration.

Help Save Manassas from Help Save Manassas on Vimeo.

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