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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Climategate: When Scientists Are Frauds!

The thousands of emails leaked from the hacked Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University show exactly how bogus the global warming hoax is.

What are some of the revelations?

1) There is a small cadre of scientists who work together to promote a single view about global warming based on manipulation and falsification of the data. They Control the Hadley Center which controls the global data on temperature and they control the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)whose data they have also manipulated. When the data can't be trusted the results can't be trusted either.

2) Orchestration of a controlled, closed system with attacks on individual scientists and journals. If an editor requires independent names to review an article the incestuous group of scientists provide each other's names to orchestrate and control publication of data and blacklist those scientists who question the politically correct view.

3) Falsification of the past:

changing the data, altering the temperature record, deleting data - Is this not a criminal conspiracy in view of the impact on global climate meetings?

"We must get rid of the Medieval warming period." Jonathan Overpeck (The Medieval warm period is the warmest time in history, but that conflicts with the the desire to present man-made global warming. Obviously man-made carbon emissions during the middle ages were limited so the period is an embarrassment to global warming scientists.)

4) Collusion is clearly evident in the emails and is also being demonstrated by the media and the scientists covering for each other as though this is no big deal. It is, in fact, a very big deal. There should be a criminal investigation. Many people (Al Gore comes to mind) are making millions of dollars off of hyping green technology and screaming that the sky is falling. As usual "follow the money." It reveals a lot.

Listen to the audio video below and then take a look at some of the websites and articles which I've linked to below it. Man-made global warming is a fraud!

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