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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fr. Pfleger Advertises he's a Liar and a Hypocrite. Surprised?

Fr. Pfleger, the Chicago torchthrowing priest has admitted on Facebook that he's a liar and a hypocrite. When will the Archdiocese of Chicago do something about this renegade who regularly defies the Church and agitates against doctrine? His admission that he's a liar casts into doubt his statement that when he urged a crowd to "snuff out" a legitimate business owner who sells guns, that he didn't know the term meant to kill him. Yeah, right. But he's non-violent. He also mentioned "dragging" the guy out of his establishment like a rat. But we can expect he wanted the folks he was inciting to snuff the guy out with hugs and kisses.

Cardinal George, when will you remove this embarrassment to the Church? He hates you and all the Church leadership and holds you in abject contempt. And yet you honored him. Can you please explain? Read about this latest fiasco here and be sure to check out the other articles linked at the bottom.

Oh, and if you have a minute send an email to the Archdiocese to complain. Fr. Pfleger is anointed by God to bring people to Christ, but his behavior is narcissistic and evil, leading people to hold the Church in contempt. He acts like a clown, but is actually the ringmaster turning the Archdiocese of Chicago into an X-rated circus with Cardinal George in  the role of the trained monkey. Wake up, Your Eminence. This man hates the Church. Why do you enable him?

Meanwhile, my friend and brother in Christ, Fr. James Haley,  remains in limbo - thrown out of the priesthood for daring to tell Bishop Loverde about homosexual priests in the Diocese of Arlington - priests with extensive porn collections, some of whom were embezzling from their parishes. Which leads me to ask: What's in Fr. Pfleger's closet and on his computer?

God help us!

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