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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ya Just Gotta Love Bob Marshall, the Brightest Bulb in the Legislature!

Bob Marshall may not represent me in the Virginia legislature, but I can't help thinking of him as MY delegate. He sure is my KIND of delegate. One of his latest actions is to have a bill ready to defend the Edison lightbulb. As of January 1, 2012 the incandescent bulb that has served us so well for over 100 years, will disappear from store shelves, a victim of the radical environmental movement. It's being replaced with a mercury light that requires several pages worth of disposal instructions and potential danger to the environment because of its toxicity.

If Congress fails in its attempt to overturn the ridiculous ban on incandescent lights which is currently being waged, Bob will introduce a bill to make it legal to manufacture and sell incandescent bulbs in Virginia. Now wouldn't that be an absolute hoot. People will drive from neighboring states (like Marylanders do to buy cigarettes without paying the onerous MD tax) to buy the bulbs that aren't available because of the federal ban.

It is really high time that the states took back their sovereignty from the power-hungry control freaks in Washington, D.C. Let's hear a hoo-rah for Thomas Edison and his incandescent bulb! We have one of those dim bulbs in our kitchen and I hate-hate-hate them. In the land where "freedom of choice" let's women kill their babies, can't I have the freedom to choose whatever light bulb I want?

There's also a petition you can sign on the Eagle Forum website along with links to articles you might find interesting.


Ray Schneider said...

This is really a serious issue, more serious than just the idea of a light bulb ... it is the issue of whether the government should have the right to make any arbitrary thing illegal?

The traditional light bulb is very safe. It's made of glass, a little metal, tungsten for the filament and some argon gas (one of the principle constituents of the atmosphere, 3rd most abundant). Instead we have to have florescent bulbs which have mercury vapor in them as well as other toxic substances and the only advantage is less power consumption per lumen of light.
Florescent bulbs produce about 4 to six times more light per watt. But they are also more environmentally unfriendly. You have to ask whether it isn't your decision and not the governments. If you want to pay for the power and use incandescent lights why should the government be able to interfere? Where does it end? The whole nanny state tyranny should be stopped.

Anonymous said...

If guns are legal in this country, then the darn lightbulbs should be, too.

Though I switched to florescent bulbs two years ago to cut costs and am loving the fact that I haven't had to change one yet, I am all for your right to buy whatever lightbulb you want.

Guns, however... I wish those were just gone from our planet.

Alice said...

Is this really an issue for legislators? The free market economy works if we leave it alone. I wonder how many people will be arrested for peddling black market light bulbs....

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Well, I don't know, Anonymous. If you were really hungry you might appreciate having a gun so you could shoot some game. My next door neighbor bags several deer every season and I keep wishing he would share some venison with us.

Anonymous said...

Venison? No thank you. I'm an ova-lacto vegetarian. Don't eat meat or wear leather. I don't believe in killing anything, people included. I raise free-range chickens, and have goats for milk and grass control. And florescent light bulbs. :)

Ray Schneider said...

Guns are not the problem. They are very simple machines. The problem is that there is evil in the world and guns empower both those who would do violence and those that would defend against violence.

Guns are used more times every year in our society to deter violence than to commit it. Were it not for guns crime would be much more rampant than it is.

A good man armed remains a good man. A bad man armed is emboldened.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I would not want to kill anyone, but I think if someone was threatening the life of one of my grandchildren I would use the force necessary to stop him if I could.

Anonymous said...

I have a basement full of various wattages of incandescent bulbs ('specially 100 watters)...will be opening up a black-market store very soon :):):)