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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lo, He Comes...

...With Clouds Descending

This Advent hymn portrays the second coming of Christ at the end of the world. It is one of the three "comings" we meditate upon during the season of Advent. The first is Jesus coming 2000 years ago, incarnate in the womb of Mary and born at the stable in Bethlehem. The second coming is the one we celebrate every day at Mass when He is physically present among us in the Eucharist. Every day during Mass we celebrate the entire life of Christ in a re-presentation from his incarnation to his passion, death, and resurrection. Alleluia! His third coming is the one we await at the end of the world. Like the Israelites of old we anticipate the day of Judgment when every tear will be wiped away and every wrong will be righted. Oh, let us make sure we stand with the sheep on that day and not the goats. Don't lose heaven for the world. It's a bad trade!

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