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Friday, December 28, 2012

There's no such thing as "safe" abortion!

Legalizing abortion-on-demand in 1973, the Supreme Court inflicted an astronomical increase in the murder of unborn children. Easy abortion hasn't helped women's medical condition either despite the euphemism equating it with "reproductive health." Abortion isn't about "health;" it's about anti-health -- especially for the baby. But the moms often end up in medical crises as well: perforated uterus, damaged cervix, massive infection, depression, suicidal, etc.

 The last abortion mill in St. Louis, a Planned Parenthood, sent a woman to the hospital the day after Christmas, the third time since Thanksgiving at that single facility. All that talk about safe abortions? That's all it is -- talk. The toll from each abortion? One dead/one wounded (and occasionally dead).  Abortion was legalized to address social problems, but all it does is create more problems usually worse that the initial one. Work to end abortion. Support a crisis pregnancy center!

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