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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"Once in a Civilization Event...."

Will the 2013 "once in a civilization" comet herald the Second Coming next Christmas?

The last gigantic comet in 1680 didn't, but it sure gave folks a good scare:
[M]ost people throughout the civilized world, the learned as well as the multitude, feared that the end of all things was at hand. Every church in Europe, from the grandest cathedral to the humblest chapel, resounded with supplications, and in the province of New York a day of fasting and humiliation was appointed,in order that the wrath of God might be assuaged.
As Fr. Z says, "We could use more of that all the time and not just in moments of crisis."


So all you faithful out there, imagine that the end of the world is coming tomorrow. If you do that every day, one day you will be right because the world will definitely come to end for each one of us even if we aren't here for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ on a cloud of heaven.

Pray for the grace of final perseverance. In the end, that's all that will matter.

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