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Sunday, December 2, 2012

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel...

The season of waiting begins and we remember the long years of hoping for the fulfillment of the promise. The Israelites were always waiting. Abraham waited for the promised son. Jacob waited and worked for Rebeccah. Joseph's brothers waited for the grain to save them from famine. Joseph and his brothers' descendents waited in Egypt for hundreds of years until Moses was called to lead them out of slavery. The Israelites waited and wandered in the desert for 40 years because of their grumbling against God and his punishment. The Israelites waited and waited and waited for the Messiah and many, when He came, refused Him.

We are these same waiting, grumbling, sinful people called continuously by God to repentance and new life in Him. Advent is a time to reflect and anticipate the coming of the Messiah. How will we use this blessed season?  Do you have a plan for Advent? If not, what a great day to make one on this first Sunday of the season. What can you do to make this a holy time of waiting and anticipation?

Live Advent well and Christmas will bring you special rejoicing! May you have a blessed Advent!

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Anonymous said...

Although the Mormon religion might not be doctrinal correct, they do have a wonderful choir that sings some beautiful doctrinal correct music, especially around Christmas. Most of them also have good family values once they got rid of polygamy. I love the pipe organ in their temple, too, that adds so much to their music.