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Monday, May 20, 2013

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor E.W. Jackson: He'll Defend Babies Waiting to Be Born

And he's not shrinking from the reality that black babies are murdered at much higher rates than whites relative to their numbers in the population. Listen to this man and see why I'm thrilled at the nomination of E.W. Jackson!:
The Democrat Party has created an unholy alliance between certain so-called civil rights leaders and Planned Parenthood, which has killed unborn black babies by the tens of millions. Planned Parenthood has been far more lethal to black lives than the KKK ever was… and the Democrat Party and the black civil rights allies are partners in this genocide. (Hat tip to BVBL.)

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Anonymous said...

We need a Senate and a Congress full of him and local politician. We can stop these kills, and it is time. The woman who made the announcement about the continuous killing of the black population especially around povety since Margret Singer... who care about black babies. I do.... I care about Hispanic , black, Asian and any other little soul od God's. We have many great people in Saint hood that were black, and other origins and without them, this world might be different for the worse. Martin Luther King ... I am old enough to remember him, walking the street one day with a crowd and John F. Kennedy walking with him. I recall, my bestfriend in high school Victor Saws and my two nephews. Your are valuable, and I would fight for you. Lets protect one another, and stop abortion completely. Murdering a child is murder. Society has been completely blind... but it is never too late to turn the tides back.

United in Life