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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hypocrites and Laughing Stocks in the Chancery!

Well, the truth is out. The New York Archidiocese is paying for abortion, contaception, and sterilization through some union contracts. And in Detroit Catholic hospitals are dispensing contraceptives. Undoubtedly, they are not isolated cases.

Shocked? Disillusioned? Not me. I have no illusions left and we've seen it too many times!

No wonder Cardinal Dolan welcomed Obama to dinner. They are moral twins. Or maybe clones is a better term since so many of the bishops are members of the club, i.e., hypocrites and liars. How are the laity supposed to respect our "shepherds" when they habitually tell us one thing and do another? When will we see the bishops walk the walk instead of talking the talk with forked tongues?

Pray for the bishops. I'm afraid maybe we get the leaders we deserve because we haven't fought (or prayed) hard enough! But God help us! As they say, with friends like this who needs enemies?

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Jeannie Holler said...

Pray and Penance for our Bishops and for the Holy Catholic Church.
A good housecleaning and sweeping away of all this dirt and filth ...never would I have thought I would see any of this .
It is very sad state of affairs...can these Bishops be that blind or are they cowards to the TRUTH of what should be .
I PRAY and I will do Penance for these Bishops : WE NEED SHEPHERDS who will STAND UP for the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH!