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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gosnell Gets Life in Prison, but Other Butchers Still Thrive

Update: It's not Carhart; it's Douglas Karpen who runs three abortion mills in Texas. He committed the same acts that Gosnell did in Philadelphia. God help us; there are monsters in our midst who are the philosophical brothers of Josef Mengele.

While the abortion mill and abortionist are not identified in this video, it is probably Leroy Carhart who murders children in Germantown, MD. Listen to the ways this abortionist/butcher killed babies. Read more here and here and here. Gosnell may be headed for jail, but other serial killers are still on the loose!

And Lois Turner's abortion mill in Charlotte, after being closed down for safety issues, was scheduled to re-open today. Note that even abortion extremists at Planned Parenthood won't refer patients to Turner's mill! How many thousands of women get their "safe" legal abortions at Carhart and Turner's death centers?

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