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Friday, May 31, 2013

Pro-life Pregnancy Help Centers: Are They the Next Administration Target?

Well, the IRS has mud on its face for targeting tea party and other conservative groups. (It's still going on by the way..) But IRS isn't the only agency persecuting the Obama enemies' list. The big guns of the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Department of Justice (DOJ) are being leveled at pro-life groups around the country.  No surprise from a pro-abortion administration that labels pro-lifers "domestic terrorists," but the persecution may become the next administration scandal. They may have picked the wrong guy this time. Chris Slattery never backed down from a fight in his life! And he's represented by another fighter, Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ).

FBI terrorism task force wants to question national crisis pregnancy center director


Anonymous said...

Schneiderman and Cuomo are goats for Dr. Emily's in the Bronx -- the atrocious abortion clinic in Lila Rose's undercover video where the worker advised that the woman flush the child in case it accidentally was delivered at home during the two-day abortion process.
That video plus the Gosnell trial doesn't exactly make abortion look like a dream solution the politicians would have us believe. So instead of announcing an investigation of abortion mills in the state, the state attorney general Eric "I was once a clinic escort" Schneiderman, goes after the pro-life alternative. Is this sick or what?
If these guys were even half men, they would send the FBI into Dr. Emily's for serial killing minority babies. We are in sick, sick times.

Anonymous said...

Why this bold NARAL advance on life now? Why 20 year old complaints? Why destroy pregnancy services that offer life as an alternative? Why now? We have only to think of one word -- Gosnell. Gosnell has stirred hades rage. Gosnell rocked the devil's boat. What's abortion to do? To the rescue comes Eric Schneiderman.
Eric Schneiderman, NYS Attorney General has always been an abortion enthusiast. He used to boast on his website that he was once an escort at an abortion mill. Schneiderman is proof that the apple does not fall far from the father's wicked NARAL tree. NARAL. Grisly Gosnell. Go get 'em Eric. Show that Slattery guy what he gets for challenging the forces of NARAL darkness.

And lest we forget our dear Governor. Andrew Cuomo is another son from another devilish tree -- that of former Governor Mario Cuomo. In an essay entitled “The Father’s Son: Andrew Cuomo” Dr. Paul Kengor writes: “On September 13, 1984, Governor Mario Cuomo gave his historic speech at the University of Notre Dame. Formally titled, “Religious Belief and Public Morality: A Catholic Governor’s Perspective,” it was an interminable speech, an astounding 7,582 words in length, a marathon in self-oration, self-importance, and self-indulgence—a stunning exhortation to answer to oneself rather than one’s Church. It was an awfully destructive speech, the gold standard, the standard-bearer that paved the way for an entire generation of liberal Catholics to banish their faith from their public life on crucial moral issues like abortion.

Ah, Mario's seed, Andrew. Watch how the son three times chants his demonic prayer learned at his father's knee:

Will Cardinal Dolan offer the defense of the Catholic Church in this life and death war? Will he care be the voice of the unborn New Yorkers in peril. Will he become a great defender of life? Will he chance the fragile "friendship" with boss Cuomo?
Pray, everybody. New York's abortion wars are on. Remember Gosnell. Remember Rachel. Remember Chris Slattery. Remember Dolan. Armor up everybody and pray.