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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Alfie Fights On: Parents Just Want to Take Him Home

Latest: Alfie Evans' dad reveals how toddler's brave mum is 'keeping him alive with cuddles' as they bid to take him home

A few observations: 
  • They keep describing Alfie as "terminal" when they don't even have a diagnosis. We've known people with "degenerative brain conditions" who've lived for years. So what do they mean by "terminal?" Aren't we all "terminal?" Does anyone get out of this life alive?
  • The hospital has violated parental rights in the past with a major organ stealing scandal. They have also failed medical checks. So what exactly do statements claiming "world class care" at Alder Hey really mean?
  • The Catholic bishops have been missing in action and even joined the enemy. This from the UK's Catholic Herald:
The Catholic hierarchy has itself been divided. On Wednesday last week, a few hours after Pope Francis met Alfie’s father in Rome and offered his support, a statement from the English bishops appeared to side with the hospital.
This failure on the part of the bishops to defend the parental rights of Catholic father, Tom Evans and Alfie, one of their littlest baptized members, reminds me of the utter disgrace of Florida bishop Robert Lynch who effectively blessed the murder by dehydration of Terri Schiavo. When bishops abandon the "least ones" you know the local Church is in big trouble! 
This isn't the last battle. That will come right before the second coming, but it does illustrate very graphically the conflict between good and evil, the culture of life and the culture of death. As we continue to engage with the enemy (who is Lucifer) we need to pray for and recognize that he has many followers in his camp. They consider themselves smarter than parents, smarter than people of faith, and smarter than God Hiimself. They know "what's best" for the sick, the elderly, and the vulnerable. When they are in charge of making decisions, we know how that turns out. Just watched Judgment at Nuremberg 

No matter how things turn out for Alfie and his family, we know that God has the last word. And we know that Jesus Christ died to save us. We know he begged his Father to forgive his killers. We know he promised all of us repentant sinners the same salvation he offered the good thief when he said, "This day you'll be with me in paradise."

Keep praying for Alfie and his family. May that little one continue to astound his persecutors until he is called home.

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